Podcast #31: The Truth About Greek Wine, Food, & Destinations

Meet Panos the owner of Vintage Wine Bar & Bistro, a legendary destination in the heart of Athens. Allan & Panos taste Greek wine while discussing the misconceptions about travel, food, and of course, Greek wine.

Recorded while Allan traveled through Southeastern and Eastern Europe during his 2018 tour in Athens Greece while his motorcycle was getting the final maintenance for his travels.

Panos is spirited and passionate and the conversation takes place in the busy wine bar that claims to offer the largest number of wines by the glass anywhere in the world. Learn about hidden destinations in Greece, unique wine varietals found nowhere else but Greece, and insight and thoughts on how to be more open when it comes to traveling, destinations, food and wine.

Check out the blog post I wrote about Vintage Wine Bar & Bistro and be sure to include it on your list of “must see” when you find yourself in Athens.

You will love this interview. We talk about reasons to travel, the importance of being open to new experiences, and great food and wine.

In this podcast I interview Panos, the passionate owner of Vintage Wine Bar & Bistro in Athens, Greece.

Vintage Wine Bar & Bistro
Mitropoleos 66-68 | Plaka
Athens 105 63, Greece
+30 21 3029 6570

Vintage Wine Bar & Bistro Website

Vintage on Facebook

TripAdvisor Reviews of Vintage



Ryan Pyle: Tough Rides, Extreme Treks, and the Quest for Uncomfort Podcasts #29 & 30

I’m excited about sharing my latest interview on the WorldRider Podcast with Ryan Pyle.

This guy is the real thing.

Ryan is an adventure traveler and motorcycle rider, television host and producer, author, professional keynote speaker, Guinness world record holder, mountain climber, award-winning photographer, and I’d like to add—humanitarian and philosopher. Okay, those last two titles I’ve given him—deservedly as you will learn while listening to these two podcasts. Truly, this interview was so engaging and the topics incredibly intriguing that I couldn’t edit it down to one hour-long episode. So I’ve decided to share nearly the entire conversation in two parts—a first on the WorldRider Podcast.

I’ve been following Ryan Pyle since my journey to China in the summer of 2015. In China, he earned a Guinness world record for the longest continuous motorcycle ride in a single county. The journey became the subject of two books and launched “Tough Rides” a successful television series that aired on the Travel Channel. He has been an inspiration to me and an invaluable sounding board for ideas on travel to China, India and elsewhere.

Ryan Pyle is principal of Ryan Pyle Productions. He was born in Toronto and after a collegiate basketball career and graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in International Politics, Ryan decided to try his hand at international diplomacy by relocating to China. It didn’t take long until Ryan was a sought after photojournalist whose work appeared in Wall Street Journal, TIME, Newsweek, Fortune, Outside Magazine, and ultimately becoming a regular contributor to The New York Times. In 2009, Ryan was named as one 30 emerging photographers in the world.

He then produced documentary films, several television series, and started writing books about his experiences in China and his travels around the world.

You can find his Tough Rides series on Vimeo and iTunes. And here is the trailer for Season One of Ryan’s Extreme Treks.

Here is more information on his books and television series:

Listen to Ryan & Our Two-Part Interview Here:

2018 – Extreme Treks: Season #3 – In Production
2017 – Extreme Treks: Season #2 – Distributed by TCB Media
2016 – Tough Rides: Brazil – Travel Channel
2014 – Extreme Treks: Season #1 – Distributed by TCB Media
2014 – China’s Great Gateway: Shaanxi – Discovery Channel
2014 – Tough Rides: India – Travel Channel
2013 – Touch Rides: China – Travel Channel

2017 – Sacred Mountains – Photography Book
2016 – Tough Rides: Brazil – Written Book
2015 – Sacred Mountains of China – Written Book
2014 – Chinese Turkestan – Photography Book
2014 – The India Ride – Written Book
2013 – The Middle Kingdom Ride – Written Book
Series – Tough Rides on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/ryanpyle/vod_pages
Books — Ryan Pyle on Amazon

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ryanpyle
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RyanPyle
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ryanjpyle
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ryanpyle

Here is a brief slide show featuring photos from Ryan’s Books as well as posters and behind the scenes from his television series

Podcast #28 Duncan Marks, Traveling The World & Making Wine

Wow! Listen to this Podcast with Duncan—a 26-year-old winemaker who is traveling the world making wine, doing good, and following his dream. Seriously.

After riding through Scandinavia and Eastern Europe I found myself between Greek Islands and exploring Greek history and Athens I happened to wander into a wine bar and found a kindred spirit—Duncan Marks, a 26-year old wine maker from my hometown of San Diego—he’d just finished harvesting wine from a Greek Estate.

img_4810I learned Greece was just one of almost a dozen countries he’d traveled while supporting his wanderlust working vineyards and cellars of wineries all over the world. Fast-forward to four months later and we connect in my home in north San Diego. Listen to an inspiring interview of not only why it’s important to pursue your passion, but to find out what’s important in life and those things we all have in common when it comes to connecting and enjoying the company of family, friends and strangers.

You will learn how I met Duncan in a wine bar in Greece. What you won’t learn is how we ended up sharing a great meal and tasting wines in the late evening glow of a Grecian night in the shadows of the Acropolis. A classic case of culture, cuisine, connection — and let’s throw some history along!

Duncan just finished a stint helping a small Greek winery harvest and before heading to Germany for Octoberfest and then to Austria for another harvest, he found himself in the Greek capitol and sitting next to me at Vintages Wine Bar. This is only the beginning of the story. So be sure to listen and see where this goes…

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This Podcast is longer than usual, but well worth the listen!


Mentioned In This Podcast

You can find Duncan on Instagram here and by searching his name on Facebook.

Duncan’s favorite travel movie is V for Vendetta

Duncan’s favorite book, which relates to the country he’d live if he couldn’t live in the United States is A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson; and he also recommends by the same author In a Sunburned Country. Allan mention’s Bill’s book I’m A Stranger Here Myself.

Here are links to the wineries he worked at:

Babcock Winery – Santa Barbara area
Flying Fish Cove – Australia
Latour Melas – Greece
Loibnerhof – Austria
Schwane – Germany


Podcast #27: Neale Bayly on Bank Robbery, 200mph On A Bike & Storytelling

neale-speed-trippleVeteran Moto-journlist, Television Host, and Philanthropist

Any chance I get to spend time with the legendary Neale Bayly, I cherish and relish the experience. Now you can too. It’s hard to say, but this ranks as one of my top guests, so far, on the WorldRider Podcast (who woulda thought). Truly, the guests keep getting better which means for you listeners, less time listening to me, and more time listening to experienced travelers from all over the globe.

Neale Bayly is one of the most accomplished and prolific active motorcycle and motorsport journalists on the scene. Yet, it’s not so much about motorcycles with Neale. He gets it. It’s about connection and the experience. I guess that’s why he’s invested so much energy (and resources) into his WellSpring nonprofit. We don’t dig too much into it in the Podcast, but Neale is a role model for world traveling motorcyclists who give back. His efforts and passion were part of a hit series on the late “Speed Network” called Neale Bayly Rides: Peru. This is still yet to be released on iTunes and Netflix, but I’m told it’s coming.

Listen to the Podcast Now:


I met Neale in the summer of 2014 when I was on the road with the “FORKS” nationwide book tour. At the time I was familiar with his work, admired his television show, and was eager to meet him. He showed up at my event at Atherton Market in downtown Charlotte. Later in that tour, I returned to Charlotte and had the opportunity to stay with Neale and his son Patrick—even shopping and cooking together a recipe from my book “FORKS”.

Beyond that classic experience of connecting and sharing, Neale and I got to take his stable of Triumph “Triples” for a Sunday ride—street and speed—a casual cruise through Charlotte.

Tune in to the Podcast, and please rate and leave comments on the Facebook


Jeff Salz

Podcast #26: Dr. Jeff Salz: Find Adventure Anywhere & Dodging Chinese Police

Finding A Totem Pole of Cultural Possibilities

Join host Allan Karl (me) and fellow adventurer, speaker and world traveler Dr. Jeff Salz in an engaging discussion of adventure and travel. Hall of Fame Speaker and anthropologist adventurer, Jeff shares incredible stories from the jungles of Peru to the endless pampas and glacier-studded landscapes of Patagonia. Listen as we dig into what it means to travel, preserve traditional cultures and experience aging as an adventure as we discuss his exciting new book project.

Along the way, we dig into some of the concepts and stories found in his previous book, “The Way of Adventure: Transforming Your Life With Spirit And Vision

Jeff and his partner Lisa Jaffe are sought after speaking coaches and founders of Courageous Speaking, an interactive workshop for all ranges of speakers – from wannabes to beginners to the experienced presenter seeking looking to take their craft to the next level. Their two day intensive workshops, held in north San Diego include four hours of stage time, professional and peer feedback and story development.

Podcast #25: George Walther: Voodoo, Smiles & Live In A Different Country Every Year

george-walther-headshotThe WorldRider Podcasts continues to evolve and attract new and interesting guests. I’m honored for this opportunity to sit down and share with you this interview with my friend George Walther. George flew in for a few days from Cape Town, South Africa where he is currently living. George is a fellow speaker, world traveler and fellow motorcycle rider.

Not only is George Walther a Hall of Fame Speaker (honored by the National Speaker Association), but George is a a Hall of Fame WorldRider Traveler — honored here on this blog! He’s also a card-carrying member of the Travelers’ Century Club — a unique nonprofit organization comprised of members who’ve traveled to 100 countries or more. Listen in to learn how many countries George has traveled. Even better, George is also a motorcyclists and has traveled through many countries on two wheels.

honey-im-home-cover-artGeorge co-authored, along with his wife Barbi, “Honey I’m Home“, a humorous romance love story and a travel story—a true story!

A gifted storyteller and with incredible life experiences to share, this Podcast will entertain listeners. I suspect there will be future podcasts with George as he continues to explore the world. In the meantime, be sure to follow George and read more of his amazing stories on his blog here.

Podcast #24 Carla King, Sidecar Queen, China & More

Happy New Year!


Carla King Visits WorldRider Studios And Shares Miss Adventurer Tales, Traveling China, Sidecars & Self Publishing

What a pleasure to host and try to entertain the queen of sidecars, the country’s leading expert in self-publishing and an extraordinary adventure motorcyclist–Miss Adventuring, Ms. Carla King.

True to form, my own cat, Ms. Dar es Salaam, needed the attention of Carla, so before the podcast recording began, a few moments of “Dar Time” were spent in the California sunshine.

I’ve known Carla for nearly ten years. The original moto-traveler blogger, Carla is legendary for not only her writing, riding, and spirit, but also for her acumen and support to many in the area of self-publish.

Carla’s latest entrepreneurial expression is Author Friendly, which includes her Self-Pub Boot Camp educational program as well as book coaching and practical services for independent authors.

You can find out about her adventure travels on CarlaKing.com. And be sure to join her on Facebook to stay tuned for all the latest in adventure motorcyclingself-publishing, books, articles, Baja tours, writing retreats and more.

On other business, stay tuned for more information on my winter Book Tour with the Travel & Adventure Show in San Diego, Chicago, Dallas, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Philadelphia. Will also be updating soon on the amazing and so exciting television project. More to come!

Podcast #23 WorldRider – China – Around The World On A Motorcycle

Doc Returns: Once Hostage in Shanghai—My BMW F650GS Comes Home


Listen to the podcast and watch the video near the bottom of this page. Allan Karl and Panayioti Yannitsos discuss their experience filming a pilot episode of a new television/streaming travel series that follows Allan “WorldRider” Karl as he rides his motorcycle “border-to-border” in China to Vietnam. The show, yet to be named, is a highly cinematic and unique take that will surely disrupt the television travel series genre. In this episode, listen to Allan and Pan discuss the show, challenges of riding and filming in China and the amazing reunion with the bike sent to China to star in the show.

Panayioti Yannitsos -Producer/Director

Panayioti Yannitsos -Producer/Director

After nearly six months of being held hostage by Chinese customs, Allan “WorldRider” Karl’s legendary motorcycle, “DOC”, returns to Southern California where he and producer and director Panayioti Yannitsos and the team at Bluesea Shipping Lines in Long Beach, California retrieve the bike and spark a reunion with Allan ultimately getting Doc on the road again.

Check out this short video of my reunion with Doc after nearly six months and the podcast just below the video:

Around The World Alone — On A Bicycle.

Ok. So you know I traveled around the world for three years alone—on a motorcycle. And I really didn’t see everything. There are still plenty of places waiting for my visit. Or at least I’d like to think so. Truth is, there are a lot of places I’m waiting to visit. But that’s besides the point.

I was in Ethiopia on my motorcycle sometimes in the Spring of 2008. On a desolate stretch of a dusty dirt road between Gondar, Ethiopia and the Sudan border, I ran into to bicyclists from Finland. Though our meeting was short, our time was rich. Sometimes connections are made in seconds, sometimes connections take years to be real. Jukka, then a 30 year old bicyclist with nearly 2 years traveling experience around the world, and I connected. Three years later he finally makes it to the United States and takes me up on my lifelong offer to put him up and share time here in Southern California. In August he and another world-riding Finnish bicyclist planeed to rendezvous in Southern California: here in Encinitas at my cottage by the ocean. Our time was rich again. And we shared stories, photos and great food and conversation. Before these two legends returned to their bicycling journey, I pulled them asisde in my studio for a one-of-a-kind podcast. In this hour-plus long interview I ask the hard questions. And I’m surprised, yet comforted by their answers.

Take the time to listen to Jukka and Lukas discuss traveling, motivation, being away from home and loneliness. I think the insight is inspirational.


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Check out their websites for further inspiration, too!
Jukka: jukkasalminen.com
Lukas: safebiking.wordpress.com

IMG_1502 - Version 2.jpg

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#21 – WorldRider Podcast Edition Returns

Podcast IconSolo world traveler motorcycle adventurer Allan Karl returns with a new edition of the WorldRider Podcasts. Though back in the states for nearly a year, Karl discusses his upcoming speaking engagements and multimedia presentations and plans for publishing.

Podcast California – The WorldRider Podcast Returns – PodCast #21

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