The Sandy Wet Ride to Namibia

Things always take longer than you’d like. Especially when it comes to motorcycle dealers. As my bike sat for over a month in Rio this past summer, the humidity combined with the salt ocean air did a number on the bike. The nuts and bolts holding the end cap of my Adventure Pipe had oxidized […]

Attitudes. Latitudes: Getting Back To Cape Town

Making my way back to Cape Town I try my best not to tread over the same ground I’d before. Curious to see one of the oldest towns in South Africa I set my sites on Graff-Reinet. Cruising across the “Grand Karoo” with its scrubby rough terrain, proud buttes rising from the desert floor and […]

Leaving Lesotho

The Lesotho plate features an icon of the traditional straw woven hats the traditional Sotho people wear while working the fields or tending livestock. I’ve come to endear Lesotho. Maybe it’s because of the extremely friendly people, the smiles on the faces of children or the spectacular mountain scenery and primitive villages. It’s unfortunate I […]

Coffee Bay to the Drakensburg (sort of)

South Africa’s Wild Coast – between the ripping currents of the Indian Ocean and the mountains to the north is the “Transkei” a magical, mysterious and scenic part of South Africa and birthplace of South African freedom fighter Nelson Mandela. My time in Coffee Bay on South Africa’s “Wild Coast” was well spent. The “chill” […]

Xhosa, The Transkei and Coffee Bay.

Tucked in cozy nook in the Amathole Mountains, Hogsback and the surrounding old growth forest, waterfalls and the canopy and odd shaped twists, turns and hanging strands of foliage and tree branches apparently was the inspiration for South African-born J.R. Tolkien and his wildly popular series of Fantasy books including The Hobbit and the Lord […]

Addo to Hogsback: The Matole Mountains.

The next morning I decided it was time to shove off from Addo and bid my hosts John & Cheryl goodbye while I left them a large map of South America outlined with the route I took. This will adorn a wall in their restaurant and become a new place for travelers to post notices, […]

Addo Elephant National Park – South Africa

Addo Elephant Park No amount of negotiating would convinced the South African National Park system to let me ride my motorcycle through the Addo Elephant Park. Formed in the 1930’s with only 11 the elephants that once roamed freely through the Eastern Cape, Addo National Park currently is home to more than 400 elephants and […]

Deeper Into Africa – South Africa.

The further away I ride from Cape Town the more I feel I’m moving into Africa. But this is South Africa, and as such doesn’t really feel like Africa at all. In fact the woman at the gift shop where I purchased a few African gifts for my nieces and nephews explained to me that […]

The Garden Route Turns My Stomach and then some

Other than safaris in Kroger National Park in the eastern part of the country, perhaps the place most frequented by tourists to South Africa is its famed Garden Route. Stretching a few hundred kilometers along the coastline from Mossel Bay in the west to Tsisikamma National Park in the east, the Garden Route is a […]

Getting Hammered By Rain (I’ve been here before)

From Ushuaia to Cape Agulhas – The bottom of two continents. “What a long strange trip its been.” After a couple nights at in Franschhoek I joined Grant and Jules for a windy ride through the Overberg toward the true southern most point on the African continent: Cape Agulhas. As the winds blew, little did […]