In Sofia Walking With Wine & Dining With Fire: Cosmos Restaurant & Sophia Wine Walk

Sofia is vibrant, colorful, and ever-evolving. Though it was just two-and-a-half years ago I was here, I don’t recognize the city save its mosaic mix of architectural styles. Influences and styles span from Neoclassical and Neo-Byzantine to Modernist Soviet and Stalinist. While the architecture and the buildings haven’t changed, I sense the energy and feel […]

Riding To Sweet Sofia: Roaming Streets With Wine In Hand & Solving Bad Bike Vibrations

After navigating a herd of sheep in a village near Melnik, my ride to Sofia over a busy two-lane twisty road winds along the Struma River and through vast fields of colorful sunflowers. After an hour the road turns into a divided highway. The bike is running well, but in my feet, I sense a […]

The Struma River Valley — Home To Bulgaria’s Big Red Wines & So Much More

I take the opportunity to taste and learn more about the wines of Melnik and the Struma River Valley and stay one more night here. I join Will who reluctantly takes the wheel of his Romanian-built Dacia rental car. He’s from the UK, and this car is for driving on the right side of the road—as […]

More Melnik Meandering: Rozhen Monastery, Villa Melnik, Classic MZ Moto & Organic Orbelus Winery

Last night Melnik experienced a rare summer thunderstorm. This morning it is misty, and a thick layer of clouds and fog hug the Melnik Sand Pyramids. We hope the weather clears as we want to visit the nearby Rozhen Monastery and hike the surrounding area for views of Melnik and its famous pyramids. The Welsh […]

Villa Melnik Winery—Where Happiness Comes From A Family Working Together & Preserving Bulgarian Heritage

Putting Bulgarian Wine & Melnik On The Map—Literally After I pull off the main road, I wind my way through small villages on a narrow road, passing through Vranya, Spanchevo, and Harsavo. I see a few elderly men sitting on a curb. A dog sprints across the street, and a few cats scurry about. As […]

Welcome To Bulgaria

It took just about twenty minutes to venture through the line at the border between Greece and Bulgaria and another ten minutes to clear customs and immigrations with another stamp in my passport. I last was in Bulgaria in September 2016, so this crossing doesn’t add another country to my growing list. What it represents, […]

Bulgaria Bound Despite the Tug of Athens and Greece—Onward To Thessaloniki

Leaving most anywhere always tugs at my heart and mind; it makes me sad. I know I must move and get on with this adventure, but especially here in Athens, I feel a connection, a sense of belonging. I recognize this, but I must temper my mindset and shrug off the feelings. Last night I […]

Athens Captured: Spirit & Food. Friends & Mood.

  Temperatures are soaring here in Athens. Still, I climb the stairs to my third-floor apartment here in Marina Zeas rather than use the elevator. After just three days in the city, I shower several times a day for relief from the heat and to rinse the sweat. George at Vagianelis BMW tells me my bike […]

The Long Flight & Run To Athens—The 2019 Journey of Adventure & Discovery Begins

My little cottage in Leucadia is finally organized, and clear of all the stuff, I’m taking to Greece for my Summer Eastern European Adventure. Before embarking on an extended trip, I get a tad anxious. One the one hand, I want to be sure I have everything I think I’ll need, especially those items that […]

The Overheating of Doc & The Hillside Select. Finding Corks & Forks in Athens. Goodbye Greece, for now.

I look around my apartment here in Athens. My helmet sits on a chair in the living room, my riding suit stained from over 5,000 miles of riding takes up the sofa, and I strew more laundry and loose items from the kitchen table to the side tables in the bedroom. I’ve made a mess. […]