Customs, Immigrations and the leaving the Devil

Today would be a long day. In order to make time and miles I’d have to leave earlier than the 9 or 10am departures which, no matter my efforts, seem to be consistent on this trip. The 6:30am alarm was slammed to snooze until 7am when I jumped out of bed to perhaps the coldest […]

Ruta 9 Uruguay: La Paloma to Punta del Diablo.

I bid farewell to the nearly ghost town of La Paloma and headed northeast toward Punta del Diablo. With two destinations on my mind, I figured I could check out the infamous dunes of one of Uruguay’s few national parks, Cabo Polonia, and to walk in the shadowy history of one of the legendary Spanish […]

Jose Ignacio to La Paloma. The sandy dirt track.

I got off pronto the following morning winding my way along the coast, past beautiful homes and the roaring Atlantic Ocean. Things were more tranquil after crossing this unique if not wacky bridge that represented, I think, the rolling waves, and found myself rolling into El Barro. Nice quaint, toned down. El Barro Bridge from […]

Montevideo to Punta del Este

Gazing out upon the point – Punta del Este. The ride from Punta del Este was a non-event. Yet arriving around sunset to this peninsula where the Rio del Plata river and the Atlantic Ocean meet was a joy. Just ten miles from the coast of this hip and tony resort town I pulled over […]

Last Day in Montevideo

Many travelers barely pass through Montevideo. And after spending almost two full days here, I wonder why. The city due to its small size is easily digestible. There’s great history, culture, art and architecture. Parts of the city and surrounding area offer commanding view of the ocean and the river. But sadly it ends up […]

Making My Way Through Montevideo

Portion of Montevideo Skyline looking over Rio del Plata and toward the Atlantic Ocean. More than half the country’s population lives the historical capital city of Montevideo, which was founded by Spain in the late 1600’s after the Portuguese founded Colonia just a few hours southwest. A rough history for the next 150 years finally […]

Goodbye Buenos Aires. Hello Uruguay!

The late night with the crew at Las Lilas pushed my departure date back by a day. But it’s getting cold here. I’m looking forward to sandy beaches, warm weather and Brazilian culture. Though I’ll lament leaving Buenos Aires, it’s clear that I must push on. New experiences to write about. New environments to capture […]

Buenos Aires to Uruguay – Colonia.

The cobbled streets and rich texture of colonial buildings make Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay what some would call cute and quaint. It’s an hour boat ride across the Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aires. Tim and I decided we’d take a brake from our jaunts around the city and spend an afternoon, lunch […]