And I’m Off.

Jaime and Madeline, hospitable owners of Hotel Colonia Real in Sucre. An early start proved a bit too ambitious today. But in just a few moments I’ll fire up Doc and find my out of Sucre and headed to Santa Cruz after a night in Vallegrande – the last stomping ground of Che Guevara (The […]

WorldSmuggler – Adventure and Journey of The Illegal Motorcycle.

The Bolivian government could consider me a smuggler. At least that’s what the lawyer at the Aduana (customs) office in Sucre told Ferdy. The owner of the optical shop and proudly of a new Honda Deauville street touring motorcycle, Ferdy seems to know everyone in Sucre — and in Santa Cruz. Small framed and in […]

New PodCast From Bolivia

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Joy Ride Cafe – Sucre Bolivia: PodCast

Just off the main Plaza and across from the Catedral in downtown Sucre a street is lined with cafés and bars. Whether mototravelers, backpackers or tourists on guided jaunts, if you stop in Sucre you will find yourself here. Perhaps the most popular among all groups – including locals – is Joy Ride Cafe. Founded […]

Where’s My Battery? And The Final Solution.

Sucre Bolivia Panorama. On Monday, had promised Jonathan they’d get the battery to DHL that evening. On Tuesday October 24, 2006 they told Jon the battery didn’t make it. But no worries. It would go out that day. Both he and I made several attempts over email and telephone to secure a tracking number. […]

PodCast – Bolivian Dinner Conversations

Check out the latest PodCast from WorldRider. This edition features an interview with a lovely local college student in Sucre and comments from my favorite restaurant in Sucre, El Chaqueno. If you don’t speak or understand Spanish, just skip along to the second half. This PodCast weighs in at less then fifteen minutes. Listen to […]

Doc Rides Again!

I had forgotten just how high my F650GS Dakar (Doc) sits, especially sans luggage. Dhery held the garage door open while the butterflies in my stomach metamorphosed into fear and doubt, I inched doc on my “tip toes” closer to the cobbled stone street. Already warmed up Doc started on command when I pushed the […]

El Mercado y La Plaza Principal – Sucre!

(l) Overlooking the courtyard of Catedral de Virgen de Guadalupe in Sucre, Bolivia With time to kill I set out to explore Sucre. Staying in immaculately clean accommodations, the Colonial Real Hotel is is just 4 blocks from the Plaza Principal and the heart of Sucre’s bustling but tranquil government and business district. This central […]

Meeting Doc – The Video PodCast.

Yeah. Yeah. I know. The last PodCast was a bit long winded. But it had been a long time and there was much to say. But you’ll like this movie – guaranteed. As such I suggest no fears, I’m on a mission to produce more content instead of long content. This is the start! Sucre […]

Searching In Sweet Sucre For Energy

After my nap we went shopping for a new battery for my bike. After nine months of non-operation I was sure the battery was dead. But this task turned out to be more than a challenge than I expected. Motorcycle travelers in South America told me there’d be no problem finding a battery. In fact […]