It’s The People Along the Way – Graceland to Kansas.

As the end this part of my journey looms with each mile I ride, I find myself thinking back at the many people who I’ve met, who’ve helped me, who I’ve helped and who just for one reason or another have made an indelible impression in my memory which I know will never fade. There […]

Nashville: Chrome Cow Girl Meets WorldRider.

Strolling the side streets of the Music Row district of Nashville makes my mind wander and wonder. In the studios, offices and hallway of these buildings many of the biggest hits of American country and early rock n’ roll were born. Time for a haircut, I cruise the neighborhoods of the city and am immediately […]

Back Roads of Tennessee – Riding My Way Through America

Slightly parched, tired and disappointed that I was stuck in a dry county for a couple days due to the bearing problem, I was ready for a beer. With this as a requirement, I’d hoped to walk somewhere for dinner. But in the adjacent vicinity, Sweetwater’s dining options were the usual fast food fair or, […]

I Think That I Shall Never See A Poem Lovely As A Tree.

It took John and I the better part of the day to locate the bearings and fabricate what we needed to bring Doc together again. By the time we waved goodbye, I only had a couple hours to ride across the border into Tennessee. My route? The Cherohal Skyway – a twisty, sometimes steep scenic […]

Seized & Shafted In Robbinsville

After another night of camping on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I made my way down the final stretch of the 469 mile run that goes from Northern Virginia to Western North Carolina. It’s hard to ride this parkway without stopping at every pull off to gaze at the limitless vistas deep into the Shenandoah Valley, […]

Slight Detour To Conover – Home of Held USA

At less than one hundred miles off my route, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit the good folks at Held USA — the importers of the fine German gloves I’ve used since starting my trip more than three years ago. Sadly, all of my Held gloves were ripped off at the Port in […]

Blue Ridge Parkway to Asheville

From New York City I finally made progress toward the west coast and headed southwest with a plan to ride a somewhat southerly route all the way to California — and only using back roads — two lane highways or country roads exclusively. I will do my best to avoid any interstate travel and make […]

Making My Way Back To California

As I feverishly work to get current on this blog, it’s time to document yet another transcontinental ride. While hanging with friends and family on the east coast has certainly been warm, exciting, tasty and fulfilling, it’s time I get back home — to California where more loved ones, friends and family eagerly (I hope!!) […]

Washington, DC – My Homecoming

Sure. The current government administration hasn’t fared nor treated us Americans well. Our president is stuggling to make sense of his legacy and our country’s top political parties have finally chosen their candidates and appointed vice presidential running mates. We are living in exciting and strange times. So before pulling up my temporary roots here […]

Putting The Pieces Back Together

I’ve been set back quite a bit by the breach and thievery that happened either in Turkey or on the WWL ship. But I can’t dwell on it other than sadly note that the only theft that occurred to me on this nearly three year journey happened after I had left the bike for its […]