Last week I was discussing an upcoming speaking engagement with a client when the topic transitioned to my presentation and how I could help my client with my speech to my real-life experiences on the road. The topic quickly folded into a subject that most people I speak with tend to share the same curiosity. […]

Live Video of Desert Warrior Rolling at Baja 500

It was just by a quirk of luck or maybe bad luck, that I mounted my Canon S95 inside Darkcyd Racing Team’s Desert Warrior before team manager Tara Rill strapped herself in for her inaugural ride in their new desert rally vehicle. But what was supposed to be a quick loop or two around the […]

Summertime is Riding Time

So a few weeks back I finally dusted off Doc and took my venerable F650GS Dakar out for a long deserved cruise. Southern California isn’t the most favorable environment to be riding a dual-sport motorcycle—the urban areas, that is. But just a short hour or two ride and you can find great mountain riding, beautiful […]