Watching Syria’s War With Tears In My Eyes

Somehow I question the sincerity of the headline on this billboard, I took this photo in the summer of 2008. What’s happening to Syria? To the people of Syria. My friends in Syria. I wonder. And I cry. Why? Because Syria surprised me. Surprised me with thrilling and unexpected  joy—and filled me with wonder and […]

Countdown and What’s With Egypt?

I’ve been working more than three years on my new book. It’s been a much bigger project than I imagined. You see it’s much more than writing. Because I’ve decided to break the barriers and move past the borders of traditional publishing categories, producing the book has pushed me beyond my limits. Not so much […]

Taking Sides

Wacky behavior: so this lady back into my motorcycle causing it to flex the and break the side-stand before the bike crashes onto the driveway. No worries. She comes clean, offers to pay and so I take the bike to BMW for service. My friend Al Jesse sends a new side-stand extender because the pitiful […]

If Your Dog Needs To Pee When You Are At The Airport, What Do You Do?

Your Dog Can Pee At San Diego Airport. Freely. Full disclosure here. I don’t have a dog. I love dogs. I love cats a bit more. But I love all animals. No discrimination. Though I always find it funny when I see dog owners sporting a warm bag of recently harvested poop dangling from their […]