The Night Train & Thanksgiving Pizza – PodCast #16

With his bike running again, Allan boards the night train for Uyuni, Bolivia. Wandering the streets of this dusty outpost on the fringe of the largest and highest salt flat in the world, he runs into three other motorcyclists — including his past riding partner, Jeremiah. At the famed Minuteman Pizza restaurant in the Totoni […]

Commotion in Cochabamba. Keep On Truckin’

Traveling to Oruro, Bolivia by truck, Allan Karl along with his BMW Motorcycle (Doc) try to make time while his ankle and knee mend. His driver Miguel and the owner of the truck confront difficulties in Cochabamba where protesters of have blocked the main highway. Listen to the commotion as Allan tries to get to […]

Making Friends. Getting Things Done In Santa Cruz – PodCast #14

Hobbling around Santa Cruz, Bolivia with a bum knee and sprained ankle, Allan makes friends with an ex-Auto Rally champion of Bolivia who helps him get his bike fixed and a agent and specialist in customs and immigration who works hard to legalize Allan’s motorcycle so he can safely continue his journey through Bolivia without […]

Salar de Uyuni – Is It In Our Future? – PodCast #13

Time is running out. The weather is changing. Allan must remain in Santa Cruz to allow is ankle and knee to heal. Jeremiah must move on and visit the Jesuit Missions where just a few days ago Allan had his second accident while touring Bolivia. Jeremiah goes, returns and goes again while they discuss the […]

Santa Cruz Bolivia | Unlikely Change of Course. PodCast #12

It’s hot in Santa Cruz. Jeremiah recovers from his asado food poisoning and recalls the shady digs we stayed in Vallegrande. Allan recalls events of the first week that once again change the course of his journey. In the 12th episode of the WorldRider podcasts they sit in Santa Cruz over unlikely Italian food lamenting […]

Walking The Streets of Vallegrande – PodCast

It’s the middle of Dias de las Muertas and Allan is in Vallegrande, Bolivia — the final resting spot for Che Guevara’s body after he was executed by Bolivian troops under orders from the C.I.A. The streets are noisy with music, people hustling about and a groups of motorcyclists eager to join a caravan of […]

Ride The River – Video PodCast.

Join Allan and Jeremiah Watch the latest WorldRider Video PodCast as Allan & Jeremiah tackle a few water crossings, cruise the wild route from Sucre to Santa Cruz in this exciting and moving two minute motorcycle music video. Featuring new music from Eric Clapton & J.J. Cale, these two motorcyclists Ride The River – to […]

PodCast: First Day Woes.

This special PodCast comes live from our campsite out on the campasino in rural Central Bolivia. The day started out smooth and on pavement. But how we ended up camping off the main road can only be told through the words, pictures and sounds on this website. Tune in and join the wild ride of […]

Joy Ride Cafe – Sucre Bolivia: PodCast

Just off the main Plaza and across from the Catedral in downtown Sucre a street is lined with cafés and bars. Whether mototravelers, backpackers or tourists on guided jaunts, if you stop in Sucre you will find yourself here. Perhaps the most popular among all groups – including locals – is Joy Ride Cafe. Founded […]

PodCast – Bolivian Dinner Conversations

Check out the latest PodCast from WorldRider. This edition features an interview with a lovely local college student in Sucre and comments from my favorite restaurant in Sucre, El Chaqueno. If you don’t speak or understand Spanish, just skip along to the second half. This PodCast weighs in at less then fifteen minutes. Listen to […]