FORKS On The Road Back To San Diego

IMG_3302 Back at the wheel of the FORKS Tour Van, I decided to head back to San Diego and ultimately the van will be shipped with Doc inside to Washington DC for the Travel & Adventure Show there. The van is getting road tested and showing that the Mercedes-Benz six-cylinder diesel purrs with little maintenance and fantastic some 20+ miles per gallon of diesel fuel. Interestingly, I’ve noticed the price of gas as low as $1.30 in my travels. IMG_3305Diesel clocks in a bit north with lowest at about $1.60. Though in California, diesel is lower than the cost of gasoline—perhaps the only state in the country. Yes, we California suffer high taxes on gas—and most other things. In some ways, the adage is true—especially here in California: you get what you pay for. When I’m not traveling, I do love living in the San Diego area. (images are California fuel prices paid February 3, 2016)

Traveling through Arizona, I was surprised by signs pointing me to where the Road FORKS.I couldn’t resist to see exactly Road FORKS was all about. If you’re looking for Fireworks – or maybe FireFORKS, Road Forks might deliver. That’s about it. Never found the post office, nor where the Road FORKS.


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    • allan
      allan says:

      Hi Twyla, Thanks for dropping in! I am heading to Philadelphia for the Travel & Adventure Show this weekend at the Philadelphia Convention Center! Where did you see me? It’s been a long drive!


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