Sossulvlei. Sunrise Perspective From The Ground.

I spent most of the morning at the dunes. There’s a 60km tar road that leads into the park from the entrance gate. Paying N$80 for me and N$10 for Doc I sped down the nicest new tar I’d seen in awhile. Then there’s deep sand 5km from Sossuvlie. 4×4 Shuttles take you in for another N$100 so to get inside for the best lighting. I snapped more than 300 photos inside. It’s a bear tring to pick the one’s I want to share with you. So I hope you’ll enjoy this quick photo essay.

This is Big Momma, one of the bigger dunes in the park. Notice how small the people are walking along the ridge line.

Classic wind painted serpentine lines on the dunes of Sossulvlei

A lesson in the tread patterns of dune climbing tourists evident in the sand at Sossulvlei.

It is tiring climbing these sandy mounds!

To get into the dunes is not something you want to do on a loaded motorcycle. But those with 4 x 4 or on safari adventures can ride the 5km to the parking area.

the shapes, contours and lines are mind-boggling.


Not quite the lion I hope to see in Africa, but 0n the way out I spotted this feral cat who’s living one of his lives on the dunes of Sossulvlei.

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  1. giersman
    giersman says:

    Hey Alan,
    Wow! Really great shots! I love the unique lines and the one of the kitty is really great!
    Hope your Christmas was acceptable and that your New Year turns out great too!Be SAFE!!!
    Eric,Cheryl, Ethan & Rachel and the kats Onyx and Domino!


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