Trying To Make Vitória – No Dice.

I got a late start this morning and thought I would be in Vitoria, the capital city of Espirito Santo. But as I rode by a police station on the busy BR-101, a police officer convinced me to forgo riding into the dark and advised me of a simple but good hotel in the town of Cachoeiro do Itapermirim. He invited me into the station, which is a glass booth that sits above the road offering a view down on the vehicular traffic forced t slow due to a series of cones requiring motorists to slow down and navigate the tiny S-slalom. Sitting on the counter was a flat-screen for a computer. He proceeded to open up Google Earth and show me the road, the buildings and zoomed in on the hotel where he suggested I stay. How’s that for a use of technology on the side of the road.

The hotel was simple. I parked in the garage and never left, having a simple meal and laboring over the excruciatingly slow internet connection. Oh well. Tomorrow I’ll be back on the beach in Itaúnas, at the north eastern most point of this state.

Road2Itaúanas Es10

Secure parking for my motorcycle made my stay in this non-descript Brazilian town just fine.

Road2Itaúanas Es11

New uses for Google Earth by the Rodoviária Policia na Brasil.

Road2Itaúanas Es13

Heading north to Itaúnas I pass through many small fishing villages along the coast. Weather isn’t great. But the rain holds off.

Road2Itaúanas Es18

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