Two Weeks.

Had my first doctor’s appointment today; a week and a half after surgery. He carefully unraveled the gauze around the splint his team put on me in the operating room while revealing some nasty blood stains that caused me to turn away from the view of my own appendage. I don’t like blood. I don’t like looking (or licking) wounds. So I turned away as my leg, surgical staples and dried skin and crusty toes were exposed. Angie took the picture.

Eager for him to put another splint on, he said I don’t need one. So a week and a half after surgery he’s letting me off.

“Be sure you don’t put any weight on your leg,” he reminded me. “Your body will tell you.”

Great. I’m more worried about someone knocking into it. He handed me another prescription for

Darvocet and sent me home.

“See ya in two weeks,” he motioned as I hobbled down the sterile grey corridor of his office. Hell, he sounded like every contractor I worked with who has been late on the job. Two weeks.

Hey, I guess this is progress.

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  1. Venturello
    Venturello says:

    Its good to see you are recovering so fast – the fact you can go without a cast is a great sign. Very quick you should be able to walk with care, and soon (couple of months?) be able to walk – problem is the weather down there, isnt it?
    Anyway, best of luck and happy you are recovering. Been following your trip since central america, and thank you for the pictures and tales. Was very sad when you crashed, worried it would be more problem.
    Get well quick, and thanks,
    Juan Miguel Venturello


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