Pyramids & Wars. Egyptian History.

Though it’s with a bit of sadness but for all the madness I must leave Cairo and its chaos and cacophony of visual and audible delights and disturbances. Cairo in a more peaceful state. Today I got in trouble with the police at the Pyramids and Sphinx. Well, not really. I just put them in […]

The Return of the Zambian Tire & Doc Rides Again

I wandered over to the tony or ritzy section of downtown Cairo looking for the DHL office. Smart trendy shops with elaborate window displays, wide sidewalks and still the crazy ebb and flow of auto and pedestrian traffic. The DHL office was air-conditioned to below zero, or so it felt. Waiting for more than 45 […]

Capturing Cairo, The Old Way.

Behind the madness, traffic and pollution of Cairo there sits a seductive mistress of a city that sucks you in and bites you with a an addictive elixir making it very difficult to leave. Cairo is the capital of the Arab world, but here in the city where pedestrians battle with cars, trucks and busses […]

Cairo: The Madness of It All.

Riding a motorcycle through Cairo is a challenge. There is an odd rhythm to the traffic here, but more than that there’s confusion yet a bizarre order to the movement. Welcome To Cairo, Egypt. In a city where most women are veiled, it’s interesting to see the colorful displays of women’s and intimate apparel on […]

Western Desert Self Portrait Series

At the beginning of my journey through much of South America, I rarely posted photographs of myself unless with new friends who I know would look to the blog to see the picture. But in the desert it’s vast, desolate and often lonely yet exciting. With my little point and shoot and that silly gorilla […]

Egypt Western Desert & The Oases

I packed up early the next morning hoping I could make it to Bahariyya Oasis before night fall and leaving some time where I could wander the infamous white desert — a wacky collection of mushroom shaped formations carved by the wind from naturally occurring blocks of magnesium. The ride was windy and hot. Several […]

Midnight At The Oasis.

With all that Egypt is best known for, the Great Pyramids, King Tut, the Valley of The Kings and the longest river in the world, it’s easy to look over the fact that it borders on some of the most inhospitable terrain on the planet — the Sahara Desert. Technically the Sahara stretches through Egypt […]

Crossing the River Nile in Luxor

More temples, tombs and tooling around today. Some walking too. Getting from the west bank to the east bank of Luxor either requires about 10 miles of driving as the bridge crossing is about five miles south or taking the public ferry across which costs about 20 cents. The ferry not only saves the time […]

The Challenges of Being A Tourist In Egypt & The Necropolis of Thebes

Luxor is a good sized town that straddles both sides of the Nile covering what was once the ancient city of Thebes. While the seat of the Thebian empire, today Luxor and Karnak, the adjacent city and temple, is perhaps best known for its proximity to the Valley of the Kings, where kings, queens and […]

Running From The Convoy: Aswan to Luxor Egypt

Today I experienced a little bit of sadness. As such, I’ve got a confession to make. It’s been kind of a secret. Though those who’ve ridden with me in Africa including Ronnie “B”, Grant and Julie and even Robin from Cape Town were privy to the secret. But today I’ve got to let it out […]