Friends of WorldRider
I don’t know how to thank all of you who have supported my dream and provided me with encouragement, guidance, and help. While I’ve tried to make sure everyone who has supported me in my WorldRider Journey, I’m sure I might have left someone off this list. Please accept my apologies and shoot me a quick email to remind me so that I can add your name to the list.

Thank you to everyone who stands behind me in my journey and quest.

Continental Supporters

Bill Harlan & Harlan Estate
Meadowood Resort Napa Valley
Platinum Associates

Discovery Supporters

Jeff & The Kerby Family
Ray Sanford
Wayne Karl
*Bonna Burtt-Greenberg*
*Robb Rill*
*Jonathan & Maria Karl*

Adventure Supporters

Carl Parker
Wenda Arcala
*Geoff Oprandy*
Audrey & Howard Shaff
Barbara & Bill Sharp
Held North America
Bob Burgess & Michelle Hartz
Dan Dawson, BackRoom Wines
Dennis & Jeanne Narlinger
Plantagenet Funding, Mill Valley, CA
Kim Mihaleas
Ken & Robin Hauck
Robert Brenner
Brennan Dates
Roland Yamamoto
Sal & Mary Ann Catalano
*Tim Kuehn*
Sangaroon Yangchana & Nick Morell
Teri & Chuck Bruno
Uncle Ronnie
Rex Gelert
Ken Hauck
Aaron (Sr. Mano) Hand
Don Hanson
*Greg Hoxsie*
JoAnne Foley

Heritage Supporters

Salvador Carlucci
Alex Mathews
Keven & Seanne Ellison
Louise Joy
Jeff Levine
Kenneth Shames
Jeffrey Eltringham
Steven Peyton
Cecilie Hoffman

Kent Clayton
Bolivar Ramos
Norm Denton
A.T. Gyuris
Michael Timmins
Korye Logan
Timber Inn Motel
Apple Newsletters

Gala Dinner Supporters

Amar Dhillon
Angelle Bell
Bob & Shelly Bauman
Charles Reed
Chuck Stovitz
Don Rockwell
Doug & Bonnie Toth
Heather & Doug Buchman
Jim Branch
Joe Maga
Korye Logan
Kris & Mark Hancock
Liz & Tom Kirksey
Michael Paff
Michael Ward
Paul Hunter
Stephen Marlow
The Hallet Family
Tim Amos
Don Rockwell

*xxx* Indicates “Friend” has made more than one contribution during the WorldRider Journey! Thanks!!!

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