One of the greatest success stories is of Jim Jannard, a long time motorcycle rider whose innovations and shrewd marketing have created one of the most exciting action and adventure brands worldwide — Oakley Products. One of the few companies that started in the motorcycle market and then pushed the limits and have created a true lifestyle brand — with great products to back it up.

I’m carrying a number of Oakley Products on my journey including shoes and eyewear. But perhaps the two products that excite me most are the half-jacket sunglasses with changeable lenses. If I find myself riding early in the morning or at dusk, I simply replace the sunglass lens with a rose-colored lens. This increases contrast and makes for riding in limited light much safer. Plus, I brought a pair https://oakley.com/ of Oakley’s Elite Special Forces S.I. Assault Shoe which is oil and fire resistant and has a tread that is sure on both rough terrain and slick wet surfaces. I don’t ride the bike with these shoes, but they’re perfect for a night on the town or a trek through remote villages of Bolivia or Nepal.

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