The idea of this journey of adventure and discovery has been alive in me ever since my first trip to Southeast Asia many years ago. But it was during the Spring of 2003 when I decided to make this journey aboard my motorcycle. Ever since then the relentless reading, research, planning and organizing has consumed my life. And I’m not done yet. I don’t think I’ll ever be done. Even though as I write this I’m two months into my journey.

Since those early dreaming and planning days to the long days and nights on the Alaskan Highway and elsewhere, people are curious about my trip and how I’m going to do it. Some ask the silly questions “Are you going to strap skis on your wheels?” to the more serious “How you going to cross oceans?” “How much does it cost?” “Aren’t you afraid?” And the list goes on.

While I’m sure I can’t answer all of your questions in this website, I hope I can help would-be world travelers dream and plan your own journey. And for those of you curious and fascinated about what goes into a journey like this, I hope I can shed light on your questions and spark your further interest.

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