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In the beginning, this page had links to places fans and followers could donate a small sum to help pay for a tank of gas or a good plate of street food. Those links have been pulled, and while some have suggested I create a crowdfunding page, join Patreon, or other. I still might do that as my travels continue. For now, the best way to become A Friend of WorldRider is to purchase my book “FORKS: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection.”


Do you like the ongoing travelogue of WorldRider? Enjoy vicariously riding around the World on a motorcycle? How about all those photographs? Why not support my WorldRider Journey and put some gas in my tank or help cover the cost of shipping my motorcycle to the various oversea legs of my journey.

My mission Simple: to create awareness of the importance of discovering our world and its cultural heritage and supporting humanitarian needs of our world neighbors all in an effort to help make the world a safer place to live and travel. This is my heritage ride. I will bring awareness to UNESCO World Heritage sites and visit local schools along the way and share my experiences and the world and its cultural and historical wonders with children and you —so ride along with me at

Sponsors have provided me with gear, supplies, and services, but for the most part, this expedition will be self-funded and supplemented by supporters—like you.

The funds I raise at here will cover extraneous costs such as fuel, shipping, airfare and insurance. Each supporter will be included in the Friends of WorldRider section on this site.

You can support my ride by buying my book.

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