Adventure Motorcycle Equipment (no longer in business)

While the stock BMW exhaust system on my F650GS Dakar is adequate for commuter travel and perhaps the occasional weekend jaunt, it’s nothing compared to the AdventurePipe II from Adventure Motorcycle Equipment. Not only does the AdventurePipe exhaust systems provide more power, better sound, it weights much less and is more durable than stock two hugely important consideration when planning on leaving the comfort of the USA for a couple years. With SuperTrapp internal disc technology, the AdventurePipe is completely tunable to my bike and provides a USFS approved spark arrestor. Even better, because the F650GS is a single cylinder “thumper”, and therefore only really requires a single exhaust pipe, Adventure Motorcycle Equipment offers the AdventurePipe Storage Canister to provide symmetry and better looks to the bike. Plus, it offers a secret stash for storing the many spare parts I’m carrying with me on my journey. The locking storage canister mounts on the right side of my BMW F650GS/DAKAR and gives me 170 cubic inches of important storage.

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