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On July 4, 2005 Allan Karl left his home in Southern California on a Journey & Adventure to travel around the world — from top to bottom, then all the way around — alone on a motorcycle.

Without a support team and carrying only what will fit on his 2005 BMW F650GS Dakar single cyclinder dual-sport motorycyle he will travel 50,000 miles through 50 countries and attempt to reach all 7 continents.

His mission is not only to endure the rigors of overland travel solo on a motorcycle, but to help us all re-discover our world’s cultural heritage and the importance of helping and supporting the humanitarian needs of our World Neighbors to make the world a safer place to live and travel.

Passionate about travel, writing, photography, film, music and hisotry, he shares his experiences, thougths, images and sounds here as a reminder of the importance of recognizing humanity’s role in understanding our world history, preserving our cultural heritage and participating in humanitarian efforts to support our world neighbors.

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