Arguably beyond my motorcycle my most important gear is my motorcycle helmet. It provides me protection against the elements as I breeze down dirt roads or fly down super highways. It keeps the bugs out of my teeth and nose and provides me with protected vision of the road and the sights while offering serious protection should my noggin’ come into contact with the ground. I’ve always liked flip-up helmets. They are particularly useful when you have to have a conversation with someone, pay for gas or sundries or simply ask for directions — all at times I might prefer not to have to take off the helmet and then put it back on again.

The cheaper helmets on the market are flimsy and noisy, in my opinion and the supposedly "Cadillac" the Schuberth Concept helmets are too heavy and also noisy. So I was almost set to journey with a traditional full-face helmet when I discovered the Caberg Justissimo. This is the quietest and most versatile helmet I’ve found. Not only does it flip up, it is extremely quiet and provides a flip down sunscreen that can be used with the face shield down or open. The Schuberth Concept Series offers the same function, but the Caberg is much less expensive, lighter and quieter.

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