Eagle Creek

Perhaps the travelers best friend, Eagle Creek provides must-have products for any traveler — whether traveling by motorcycle, bicycle, airplane, backpack or thumb, the full line of Eagle Creek travel products has something for everyone. For me, I’m a huge fan of the pack-it cubes. This is the only way to organize your suitcase, backpack or motorcycle panniers — trust me. With tens of thousands of travel miles under my Eagle Creek money belt, I’ve packed wrong and I’ve packed right. Eagle Creek makes it easy.

Eagle Creek also offers traveler security products, compression bags for maximizing space, backpacks and amazingly durable and functional traditional travel luggage. Meet me on the road and you’ll be guaranteed to find me pulling some sack, cube or other Eagle Creek accessory from my bike.

From Eagle Creeks website: “We started as a tiny band of idealists who frequently indulged our wanderlust. Our mission was to prove that travel didn’t have to be one of the leading causes of chronic lower back pain; that you could visit remote parts of the world without giving up every bastion of civilization; and that all of this could be fun. It’s a simple mission statement that has served us well for 30 years. We’d like to think we’ve made the last 30 years of adventure travel a little easier than the first few thousand. For 30 years Eagle Creek has taken all that Mother Earth can give and given it right back. Durable duffels. Comfortable backpacks. Organized totes. And products that you need before you even know you need them. Every single, solitary one has a lifetime guarantee. A lifetime, we assume, that’s spent in the hands of a curious and adventurous soul. “

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