Shanghai Dreaming?

It’s 4:30—Wake Up… I press the electronic dimmer for the window from my seat on Air Canada’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner. I’m on flight 25 and the pilot just announced we’d be landing in Shanghai thirty minutes ahead of schedule. As the window magically brightens we descend through the low lying clouds, water beads dot my […]

The Chasing China Challenge

Not long ago China, comfortable hiding behind its wall of isolation, for the most part, closed itself to foreign visitors—and most everything else. In 1949, Mao Zedong, after conquering Chiang Kai-shek in the Chinese Civil War, formed the People’s Republic of China. In the process of socializing the country, foreign investors were kicked out and landowners were forced […]

What’s Next? WorldRider On Television?

“What’s next?” My friends and family asked when I returned from my original WorldRider journey several years ago. I’d come to a fork in my road. I asked myself the same question, often. People also asked, “Was your trip a life-changing experience?” Sure, circumstances surrounding one’s life always change and evolve. Yet deep inside, I […]

The Icefields Parkway – Glory to the Gods!

Staying at the Lazy Bear Lodge here in Cranbrook which sits in BC about 50 miles North of the Idaho border. I pulled into this town thinking I’d have a better shot at a hotel room. I’ll have to retrace about 20 miles in the morning to get closer to the border crossing into Montana […]

Prince George to Jaspar – Warmer Weather?

“This is my loader,” he waved his cell phone in front of me, happy to show me pictures of his truck, his loader and the El Camino he was restoring. I returned the infamous Starbucks where I traded words, philosophy and frustration with the Brazilian girl weeks earlier. This time I shared coffee with Dag. […]

Prince Rupert to Prince George – Home Again!

The road from Prince Rupert to Prince George is yet another spectacular motorcycle riding experience. At least if the your bike was running smoothly. Mine? Even pulling off to refuel demands more attention to keeping the engine running which leaves equal less attention to keeping your eye on safety. Perhaps I’m exagerating a bit, but […]

Stunning Scenery – Bad Bike – Yukon to USA

Today was my longest day riding since I’ve been keeping records. Though after a quick review of my journey this leg wasn’t much longer than the jaunt from Fort St. John, BC to Watson Lake, YT. But I was committed to making this ferry that leaves from Haines at 1:15am (actually Thursday morning). For the […]

Leaving Watson Lake (Trying To Anyway)

For the last two days I’ve been cruising my motorcycle across forests, muskeg, mountains and waterways on the Alaskan Highway — also referred to as the Alcan. This road was built by two teams of U.S. Army engineers starting in both the North and the South on March 9, 1942. The road was built largely […]

Welcome To The Yukon

I’ve never been so moved by natural scenery in my life, but as I followed the road to Beaver Creek with the massive Southwestern Yukon Mountain Range that creates the border for the massive Kluane National Park. Less than an hour outside Haines Junction I climbed a long hill and when I reached the top […]

Late Nights In Watson Lake

Committed to making it to Watson Lake I blew through the town of Fort Nelson stopping only for refueling. Happy to be adorning my electric vest, I looked at the map and quickly realized that I had another 325 miles to Watson Lake. But here’s where the riding got better. Just a few hours from […]