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13 Rules To Live By—From A Life On The Road

Do I have a guiding list of principles or rules I live by? The Caucus Mountains, Azerbaijan. As a world travel adventurer, professional inspirational speaker, and author, people often ask me for advice. Some want travel tips, others ask about technology and photography gear, and others are looking for life lessons learned from the road. […]

Journalist & Philanthropist Neale Bayly on Writing, Inspiration, & His Journey To War-Torn Ukraine #75

Journalist & Philanthropist Neale Bayly on Writing, Inspiration, & His Journey To War-Torn Ukraine #75 In this episode of the Journeys With WorldRider Podcast, Allan Karl WorldRider talks with legendary motorcycle journalist, TV host, philanthropist, and photographer Neale Bayly. Enjoy this encore interview with Neale as the two world-traveling motorcyclists dig deep into the creative […]

How’s Doc? The Original WorldRider Motorcycle.

Before I landed in Greece on July 5, 2022, the last time I saw my motorcycle, the BMW F650GS Dakar (Doc), was in October 2019. I had just completed a three-month journey circumnavigating the Black Sea visiting Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey before returning to Greece. I parked Doc in the […]

Seventeen Days In Athens: What Do You Do?

It wasn’t my plan, but as the adage pointedly goes, from Lemons we must make Lemonade. So I made the most of my time. Enjoy the video below as I share with you my whirlwind of finding fun, food, wine, people, and love in the capital city of Greece, wild Athens—while living in a fog […]

Post Pandemic Adventure Travel: My Baggage Flight-Mare & Apple AirTag

It’s Thursday afternoon, July 14th, 2022, in Marina Zea in Athens, Greece. It’s 87 degrees, and the humidity dampens my shirt; this, along with the tiny beads of sweat forming on my brow, is barely uncomfortable. However, what truly is taxing my comfort and patience is the state of my two-month journey in Southeastern Europe— […]

IS IT IN MY HEAD? My Deal With Vertigo—A WorldRider Challenge!

If you haven’t watched my Journeys Webcasts, tuned into the WorldRider.tv YouTube Channel, or listened to the WorldRider podcast, you may have missed my whacky and humbling fight with vertigo. It started June 13, 2020, amid the pandemic and still challenges me two years later. It’s often depressing. Vertigo kills the motorcycle urge. That night […]