BMW Santa Cruz County

I decided to sell my older 2001 BMW F650GS earlier this year because I wanted to ride the new 2005 Dakar model of this motorcycle. The 2005 model incorporated a twin spark plug ignition system which combined with the higher travel suspension and larger front wheel seemed to be a smarter choice for around the world travel. The great team at BMW Santa Cruz County worked with me and my other supporters to get my hand on a demo vehicle which I’m currently putting through the punches of around the world travel. With one of the best BMW dealer websites and a plethora of accessories for BMW GS motorcycles, I worked with the team at BMW Santa Cruz County to outfit the bike with a few key Wunderlich accessories. Plus, they helped me determine the right mix of spare parts I’d likely need but probably not find along the route of my journey. These guys will also ship me product anywhere in the world and will provide warranty authorizations if so necessary.

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