Part of my mission on this WorldRider Journey of ADventure & Discvoery is to not only document it through the words that appear on these pages and in my private journals, but through the lenses and microphones of my still and video camera gear which I acquired from Willoughby’s in New York City. When famed lensman Charles Willoughby opened his camera shop in 1898, he probably never imagined it would carry the high-tech gizmos it does today. Willoughby’s still sells a large selection of cameras and photo equipment for every budget and skill level — from simple APS and point-and-shoot models to high-end single-lens reflex cameras — but it has augmented its inventory with a wide variety of electronics, including digital cameras, camcorders, DVD players, binoculars, telescopes and scanners.

In addition to stocking the top brands and the latest models, Willoughby’s buys and sells used cameras. It also offers service and repair, film developing and digital imaging for those who prefer their pictures on CD or memory card. Novices and professional photographers alike appreciate the knowledgeable salespeople and personalized service, hallmarks of New York City’s oldest camera store. It’s nice to know some things never change.

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