Avon Tyres

Choosing a tire for a journey that will take me through virtually every terrain possible makes for a serious challenge. In the dirt, the best tire is a full-on knobby. On the street, a grippy round profile sport tire. But what if your journey is going to be through the hottest deserts, the wettest rainforests, the sand, gravel and dirt roads of Alaska, South America and Africa? The best dual sport tire I could find is the Avon Gripster. It is long lasting (I can get nearly 10,000 miles on the rear and more on the front with my fully laden bike) it works well in the dirt and gravel and is smooth and confident at highway speeds. Plus, it’s very cost-effective — more mile for the buck.

Gripster AM24
With its distinctive, computer-optimized, arrowheaded tread pattern the robust Gripster has been carefully designed for mid-range trail bikes that are used both on Tarmac and down dirt tracks. Grippy and long-lasting, it’s available in a variety of tubeless and tube-type fitments.

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