13 Rules To Live By—From A Life On The Road

Do I have a guiding list of principles or rules I live by? The Caucus Mountains, Azerbaijan. As a world travel adventurer, professional inspirational speaker, and author, people often ask me for advice. Some want travel tips, others ask about technology and photography gear, and others are looking for life lessons learned from the road. […]

Change Is Vital I Support The The Movement To End Injustice & Racism

I shouldn’t even have to say this. I love people. All people. I’ve traveled the world meeting people. 100,000’s of miles, overland. More than 80 countries. And I find it all the time. I don’t even need to look. The truth. The truth is, people are people. We’re all the same. We’re human after all. […]

Welcome To South America — Hello Colombia

Hello South America. Happy Birthday, too. The little over an hour flight to Bogota was quick, easy and extremely scenic from my window seat as we flew over the Darien Gap and pristine islands with crescent shaped white sandy beaches. I blast through immigration and customs at the airport and in less than an hour […]

The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal represents an amazing feat of human accomplishment. Perhaps most amazing to these eyes is the fact that completed more than 90 years ago, the “technology” behind the workings of the Panama Canal hasn’t changed. The canal extends nearly 50 miles from the Caribbean at Colon to the Pacific at Panama City. If […]

Getting Ready For Colombia.

Though I thought South America and I would be very acquainted by now. But as these things go timing is everything. And in this case, my timing was a bit off. As the days draw closer to my birthday, I hope to have my first day riding my motorcycle through the lush tropics of Central […]

Panama City At Last!

Riding over the Puente Centenario (Centennial Bridge) over the Panama Canal sent chills down my spine. It was a weird feeling because for the first few moments, I thought I was riding over a river. But remembering the image of the tall towers of this suspension bridge as graphical icons on Panama license plates, it […]

Panamanian Transito Cops

I’d already been stopped at two or three police or military check points when the policemen standing next to an orange cone and wearing a reflecting vest bear the words “transito” waved me to the side of the road. He went through the usual array of questions and asked to see my documents. He then […]

Goodbye Costa Rica – Hello Panama

Before leaving Golfito and Costa Rica behind for new experiences in Panama I took a ride downtown to check email and post a few stories. By the time I pulled up in front of the Hotel Golfito which on its ground floor is a nice air-conditioned internet cafe complete with wireless and a station to […]

Rainforests. Cloudforests. This is Costa Rica.

Despite my issues with Costa Rica over the last couple days, today I had the most glorious ride of perhaps all of Central America. That’s a big statement that perhaps I’ll withdraw someday, but the sheer magnitude of riding from see level to over 10,000 feet from Cartago to San Isidro and onward toward Golfito […]

Why Costa Rica Roads Have The Most Potholes.

An early start out of San Ramon has me wandering the streets of San Jose in no time. Another pothole ridden adventure I finally figured out what must be going on with Costa Rica potholes. I don’t think they have any intention of repairing them. You should see the cryptic moves cars and trucks make […]