PageONE Digital

When it comes to digital printing and on-demand printing nobody does a better job than PageONE Digital. Though located in Orange County, California PageONE does business with companies and individuals worldwide. All of my press, promotion and signage graphics were provided by the excellent team at PageONE.

Page One has been a leader in Digital Printing and Postscript pre-press technology since 1985, offering the industry high quality drum scans, trapping, plate-ready film output, camera ready paper, digital pre-proofs, and a variety of services for the graphics professional. Uti8lizing the HP Indigo 3000, a six color, direct digital printing press that utilizes liquid inks, not toner, this printer prints on a 12 X 18 sheet and will image on a wide variety of stocks.

The HP Indigo 3000 eliminates many of the steps associated with conventional offset printing such as film, proofs, plates and even trapping. Because of this turnaround is substantially reduced. In many cases we can turn around a job in as little as four hours. You no longer have to print thousands of pieces to justify the set up costs. Now you can print 10, 100 or 1,000 and change the message and graphics as often as you like. No more warehousing outdated materials that will eventually be thrown away.

Variable Information Printing
With their digital printing capabilities, you can customize each sheet off the press. By linking your file to a database, valuable customer information can be utilized for targeted marketing to increase response.

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