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I’ve been carrying Lonely Planet guidebooks on adventure trips since the late 1980’s. Lonely Planet invented the genre of guidebooks for travelers looking to get off the beaten path. There are plenty of copycats, but nobody does it better than Tony Wheeler and Lonely Planet.

In planning my around the world journey not only did Lonely Planet’s vast selection of excellent guidebooks help, but the LP website complete with its Thorn Tree Travelers Forum community offered even more up to date information and insight on our rapidly changing world.

Lonely Planet is passionate about bringing people together, about understanding our world, and about people sharing experiences that enrich everyone’s lives. They aim to inspire people to explore, have fun, and travel often. And they strive to provide travelers everywhere with reliable, comprehensive and independent travel information.


Lonely Planet’s Principles
Travel can be a powerful force for tolerance and understanding. As part of a worldwide community of travellers, we want to enable everyone to travel with awareness, respect and care.

The integrity of our information is our strength. We accept no endorsements, advertising or kickbacks – our authors do not accept payment or favours in return for positive reviews.


The first place I go for information on history, culture, geographic, climate and travel information for anywhere in the world is Lonely Planet.

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