Some Days Are Best Forgotten.

I know many readers of my WorldRider adventures and discoveries secretly or overtly wish they were in my shoes. The romance of exotic places, the lure of unique cultures and the carefree wandering across varied landscapes. I know. I dreamed about doing this trip for many years. However, sometimes it just isn’t what it’s cut […]

What’s That Oil Leak On My Brake?

With the rain still pouring on Lusaka I contemplated my plans. Ronnie, the South African I rode through the Caprivi, into Botswana and through the Zambian border was staying with friends in Lilongwe and on Lake Malawi. With a plan to get to Dar Es Salaam and then ride back to South Africa through Mozambique, […]

Going To Lusaka

After three days of waiting for sunshine and my DHL package from Windhoek, I was committed to just push on. Africa is a big continent. I’ve got Malawi, Tanzania, Madagascar, Uganda and more to look forward to. True, I feel slighly ripped off that I didn’t have better weather here and the incentive to cross […]

Victoria Falls.

Most people who visit southern Zambia come to see UNESCO World Heritage Site Victoria Falls. One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, David Livingstone stumbled on the falls in 1855 as he spent four years traveling down the mighty Zambezi River and became the first white man to see the spectacular sight. Located […]

The Real Africa: Border Crossing Into Zambia

I couldn't imagine what was taking so long. I'd passed through more than thirty-five border posts over the last two years and never did it seem to take this long. By now I was regretting giving my passport, carnet and motorcycle documents to Ronnie. ...A nearby bar, eating area, pool and Jacuzzi made for a perfect place to chill after taking in the falls, kayaking, rafting, bungee jumping or whatever activity the young crowd gathered here takes in. For Ronnie he is on a fast track to get to Lilongwe in Malawi where friends wait for him and they'll spend the next weekend on Lake Malawi.

Aids. Safe Sex. Self Satisfaction.

At the immigration office in Botswana in Kasane on the Chobe River I noticed a large poster posted above the water cooler when I first passed through on my way to the houseboat. But it wasn’t until I came back into Botswana did I take notice and let the message sink in. I’ve seen condoms […]