Sugarcubes Drummer On Fishballs, Music, Iceland, & Calypso Sigtryggur (Siggi) Baldursson

From Rock n’ Roll Star to The Godfather Of The Iceland Music Scene This is the audio-only podcast edition of the fourteenth episode of the JOURNEYS Webcast—Adventure & Discovery In The Time of Corona where Allan Karl and Siggi Baldurrson chatted from San Diego to Iceland when this show originally Livestreamed on July 20, 2020. […]

Faroe Islands Bound: Smyril Lines ferry cruise

When I started planning my Iceland adventure many months ago, I knew that getting my motorcycle to Iceland would be a significant endeavor. Plus, to ship a bike for just two weeks to one island isn’t cost-effective. I wanted to see if I could ship the bike by plane or boat to Europe and have […]

The Last Ride & Supper: Iceland

I knew the last day would be long and in some ways not as interesting. Pan was hoping we could find remote interior areas to explore, ride and shoot more footage. But the eastern part of Iceland, before you get closer to the coast, is wide, expansive, and desert-like. Open spaces, with wide valleys and […]

Get The Shot: Film Crew Busted

With the modest compact rental car with a hatchback and all of our film gear, Pan often likes to do anything for the shot. So as we’re motoring down one of Iceland’s nicer paved roads he decides to strap himself into the hatchback area and hang out the back with the hatchback door open. As […]

Milking Cows & Tasting Iceland History in Myvatn

Shooting episodes for our new travel show is exciting and challenging. Unlike traveling alone, as I’ve noted before, I’ve got a film crew in tow and here in Iceland a tough schedule. I’ve got a ferry to Denmark that is fixed and the film crew have a flight to Vancouver the same day. As such, […]

The Yule Lads of Dimmuborgir

As I circle the largest lake in Iceland, Myvatn, I pull off the main road to gaze upon several volcanoes looming in the distance. In front of me are rocks and wild vegetation all products of many eruptions over the years. But it’s not the seismic and volcanic activity here that catches my eye, it’s […]

Chasing Blue Whales In Husavik

It’s the largest animal in the world. Ever. Bigger than any dinosaur. They can be nearly 100 feet long. It’s tongue weights more than an elephant. It’s also rare. There are less than 200 swimming the North Atlantic. The chances of sighting a blue whale, even in remote Arctic Ocean around Iceland is rare. There […]

Iceland Landscapes: Lakes & Waterfalls

  I’m counting down my last days here in Iceland. This is sad for several reasons, yet brings joy in other ways. I’ve barely touched the tip of what Iceland has to offer. From culture, cuisine, and connecting with local people—there’s no question I’ve had amazing experiences and developed new friendships that will last my […]

The Spectacular Ride to Husavik

Sure, I could complain. This is summer, after all. Shouldn’t I be experiencing warm weather? I remember Alaska many years ago. Then Patagonia. I may feel frustrated, and wince about the cold and wet weather, but that’s in a brief moment. As I ride this wonderful island, I feel I’m overdosing on scenery and raw […]

The Case of Dropped Keys In Siglufjörður

We wind our way north in wet conditions, passing through a series of tunnels, we are faced with even colder temperatures and more pounding rain. In Siglufjörður I stop for reprieve form weather and nourishment. It never gets dark this time of year in Iceland, so a short stop here is with it. Before we […]