Lónkot Rural Resort Iceland—Farm & Ocean To Table

When I first stumbled upon Lónkot Rural Resort in the months before embarking on my Icelandic adventure, I knew I wanted to visit. Somewhere along the logistical challenges and pace of life, it had dropped off my radar by the time I landed in Reykjavik. Then by some stroke of fate, I was reminded. Lónkot […]

Making Tracks Across The Fjords

I wake up to a wet motorcycle, and a wetter tent and rainfly. The wind is still whipping and the clouds hang so low I feel I can touch them. So dark and brooding I dare not for fear that I’ll pinch a whole and let the rain fall. Today I’ll push on across the […]

Facing Iceland Reality

“Don’t let the sun fool you,” the waiter at Reykjavik’s fish house told me. “In the shade, you feel the real temperature.” He explains that for the few days I’ve been in the island nation’s capital, I’ve been lucky, perhaps “blessed,” as they say. The strong sun with its pounding heat is deceiving, but walk […]

Exploring Rock Stardom With Sugarcubes Founding Member & Drummer

The beauty of Iceland’s relatively small size—it’s smaller than the 50 largest U.S. cities—is that in most circles everyone knows each other. We were able to connect with Andri Snaer via Twitter (kudos to producer/director Panayioti Yannitsos) and Andri put us in touch with Sigtryggur Baldursson. Even though the country’s 325,000 population is meager on the […]

Conversations With An Icelandic Presidential Hopeful

The 2016 Icelandic presidential election got overshadowed by the fervor behind Iceland’s win over England in the Euro 2016. Even so, in a country where 90% voter turnout is not unusual, football (soccer) reigns. While the brief moment of world fame faded a week later when the island nation’s team took a beating by France, […]

Iceland Hot Dogs: Good enough for Elvis & Bill Clinton

It’s sunny and breezy in Reykjavik when I realize I’m famished, and I don’t have a lot of time to eat. I wander the streets, looking for a quick bite at a cafe or street food vendor when I see a huge line (queue here in Europe) standing outside a tiny little house. The is […]

Almost Rolling in Reykjavik

Just 45 minutes from Iceland’s capitol, Reykjavik, visitors to the island nation fly into Keflavik International Airport. First time visitors will find a modest airport without large waiting areas nor device charging stations or large food court or shopping areas. It’s what you would expect to find at a small rural town in any modern […]

Shipping Doc to Iceland—The Drama

I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland. What about you? Of course, I want to ride my motorcycle from one end of the island to the other, border to border. Not any motorcycle, my motorcycle, Doc. After appearing at the final Travel & Adventure Show in Philadelphia in March, and in anticipation of a summer […]