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There are dozens of options for riding gloves these
days, but only one brand has been consistently designed and manufactured gloves for more than 85 years. I’ve been using them for nearly 20 years. And I wouldn’t use any other. So when it came time to choose the proper protection for my hands, I bought two new pairs of Held Gloves – the Fresh for warm weather riding and The Icebreaker for those cold rides through Alaska and the Andes in South America and alpine roads beyond.

Held Gloves use special leathers, including kangaroo on the wildly popular sport touring glove, The Steve. They offer a complete line of seasonal, touring and sport gloves. Plus a diverse selection of liners and over gloves. The USA distributor for Held is under new ownership and management and since then the glove availability and the support for North American riders has increased exponentially. If you can’t find Held Gloves at your dealer, ask them to contact Tommy Kincaid at Held USA or simply go to the Held Website and search for another dealer. If no dealer in your area, you can order directly from Held.

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