How Wet And Late Can It Get?

I sit in the MR Hotel in downtown Iringa in the Republic of Tanzania. After thirteen hours of riding, the last two and a half in the dark and rain, I’m tired, worn and spent. We over shot the turn off to the center of town twice, finally climbing the hill to this cold nondescript […]

What Now?

Even worse, I was delivered another blow yesterday when Peter called and informed me that my tire didn't make it on to the truck yesterday. ...If the tire isn't here by 2 or 3pm then we'd risk riding in darkness if we set out much later.

Washed Up and Out In Nkhata Bay.

Sunrise over Lake Malawi. Today not only would take us to Nkhata Bay, a tiny hamlet on the northern lake shore, but it would also take us on a seemingly endless (Egyptian) goose chase to find somewhere I could send funds to Ray Wilson in Zambia to cover the cost and transport of my replacement […]

Lilongwe to Zomba to Nkhotakota.

Mulling over maps of Malawi and Tanzania, Ronnie and I planned a route that would provide us a good overview of Malawi: its mountains to the south, the beaches on the southern part of the lake, the villages along the lake and the peaceful serenity of the more remote northern lake and onward north to […]

Lilongwe Malawi.

The Kemp family are legendary. They’ve been hosting old friend Ronnie B., for the past several days and now have let this weary and weathered motorcyclist into their home. And I’m Malawi heaven. With a wireless network, good company, great food and plenty of “Greens” (what they call the locally brewed Carlsberg beer), I couldn’t […]

Another Major Screw Up.

There are two ways of looking at the present situation. First, after traveling for more than two years and never losing much more than a baseball cap, reading glasses or the occasional loose end – never anything major – that I’ve been lucky. But on the other side of that coin, after traveling successfully for […]