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My mantra has always been “There are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met.” On this journey, I hope to meet and spend time with many friends. And if I am lucky enough to meet and spend time with you, I’d hope you’d find me interesting, fun, full of energy and animated. Other descriptors or adjectives might come to mind, but I’ll let you hold them to yourself or whisper in my ear.

But that’s me, on a motorcycle loaded with gear. “Where you going?” might be your first question, and I just might answer with where I’ve been. Because the sum of the character, the person the soul is the experience. New experiences will continue to add dimension and character to who I am, but where I’ve been and the stories in my eyes and my mind might tell you more. Where I’m going? I’m on an adventure. A thrilling journey of discovery.

My past? If you must. I grew up in Connecticut, went to university in upstate New York and since then lived in Southern California.

In my prior life, I worked as a  creative, technology and communications consultant with several digital marketing and branding agencies including clearcloud, Wirestone, and Priscomm. I helped clients with brand reengineering, brand communications, business process and development and online and offline marketing communications strategies and initiatives.

But on July 4, 2005 I embarked on a three-year solo journey around the world on a motorcycle—a journey that would change my life. For a time after I returned from that journey, I continued my consulting duties at clearcloud. But soon I found the more important work for me would be to share my experiences, lessons, and to inspire people to embrace change, face fear, accept risk, and find possibilities and opportunities in most anywhere in the world. Today I write books, give inspirational keynote speeches, host a television show, and continue to travel the world alone on my motorcycle. Yes, that same motorcycle. I call it “Doc;” you can too.

And I guess I’ve always had motorcycling in my blood. I’ve owned several motorcycles and by the looks of this ancient photo, I guess my dream to ride the world must have started when I was a little toe-head whose legs didn’t even reach the pegs of my dad’s little Honda.

So let’s ride around the world – WorldRider.

For those of you interested in resume type of information, this is from my corporate biography:

ALLAN KARL has never been able to sit still. With an insatiable passion for world travel, culture, people and food, he has explored over 70 countries, photographing, writing, and blogging about them along the way.

Allan is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, adventurer, and television host.

In his bestselling book, FORKS: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and
Connection, Allan brings to life his three-year motorcycle adventure — in stories, photos, and food from each of the 35 countries he traveled.

A dynamic and inspiring professional speaker, Allan shares his message with captivating storytelling and award-winning photography. Allan inspires to overcome challenges, tackle obstacles, embrace change, and smile—especially in the face of adversity.

And he knows how. Allan spent three years riding around the world alone on a motorcycle. Along the way guerrillas marched him into the Colombian jungle at gunpoint, he crushed his leg in the middle of nowhere in Bolivia and had to beg the governments of Syria and Sudan to let him across their borders. (Eventually, they gave in.)

Beyond his motorcycle adventures Allan has:

  • Sailed the Flores Sea in search of the elusive Komodo Dragon
  • Climbed the most active volcano in Indonesia; and
  • Competed in the most grueling motorsport race in the world— The Dakar.

Before embarking on his adventures, Allan co-founded Wirestone, the national digital agency which Accenture acquired in 2017.

Now if that didn’t bore you, I’m sure I could find lengthy documents from my days serving the corporate world, but I won’t. Let’s talk about life, motorcycles, culture, history, and adventure. We’ll share our discoveries and therefore be much more interesting!

As noted, since returning from my journey, I’m a sought after keynote speaker, keep a look out for upcoming talks and presentations in your area or for your company.

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