Iceland Landscapes: Lakes & Waterfalls


The shores of Lake Myvatn tell a story of a turbulent volcanic past.



I’m counting down my last days here in Iceland. This is sad for several reasons, yet brings joy in other ways.

I’ve barely touched the tip of what Iceland has to offer. From culture, cuisine, and connecting with local people—there’s no question I’ve had amazing experiences and developed new friendships that will last my lifetime. While the weather has challenged me and prevented me from exploring deeper into the interior of Iceland, I’ve enjoyed rich fjords, arctic experiences, the burgeoning culinary cuisine and spectacular nature.

The shores of Myvatn dare tell a story of a rich and turbulent volcanic past.

The shores of Myvatn dare tell a story of a rich and turbulent volcanic past.

I’ve just started. I will be back.


A unique take on a group selfie, my hand and the boom microphone with Jamie, Johnny A, and Pan.

I’m also about ready to say goodbye to our film crew—Pan and Jamie. While I’m traveling the world alone—I’m never alone. Not only is it always possible to connect with people anywhere, I’ve got this very minimal crew in my shadow. I like it. Sure, I can shake them sometimes, when I need space. But I love these guys. There is no other more passionate group of filmmakers that can deal with my nomadic lifestyle and approach to travel. Sure, somethings have to be organized in advance, but the show and the filming is truly happenstance and ad-hoc.


Johnny A reaches for the skies to grab the drone after a late afternoon droning session!

The film crew heads to Vancouver and Johnny A and I will continue our Nordic adventure when we capture the Smyrill Ferry Line to the Faroe Islands and Denmark in a few days.

Our last run across the barren and desolate western Iceland will be fast. There is a very low population in this part of Iceland. The crew will wind around the southern part of the island—an area Johnny A and I were unable to explore. So they’ll have a new experience while we’ll sail onward across the Arctic Ocean.

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