Change Is Vital I Support The The Movement To End Injustice & Racism

I shouldn’t even have to say this. I love people. All people. I’ve traveled the world meeting people. 100,000’s of miles, overland. More than 80 countries. And I find it all the time. I don’t even need to look. The truth.

The truth is, people are people. We’re all the same. We’re human after all. We want the same things. We enjoy the same things. We crave connection. Human connection.

So why do I have to say this now? I guess because I can’t hold it in any longer. What I’ve seen — What we’ve all seen over the last two weeks— It makes me angry. More so, it makes me cry.

“I can’t breathe.”

So I stand. And take a knee. In support of inequality, injustice, the prejudice, and the blatant disregard for human rights—and racism—I’m disgusted by the brutality the madness, and violence inflicted by law enforcement and lost citizens like those who ran down Ahmaud Arbery—who target and harm people of color all over. I do not support the use of violence and the looting, rioting, and destruction of property. Those bad actors are taking advantage and diluting the message—and that message is and must remain clear:

Black Lives Matter.
All Lives Matter.
Every Life Matters.

This is not the end of my commentary on this. This is just the beginning.

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