The Icefields Parkway – Glory to the Gods!

Staying at the Lazy Bear Lodge here in Cranbrook which sits in BC about 50 miles North of the Idaho border. I pulled into this town thinking I’d have a better shot at a hotel room. I’ll have to retrace about 20 miles in the morning to get closer to the border crossing into Montana as I hope to ride through Whitefish, Glacier National Park and then onto Missoula to finally get this bike looked at by a “proper” BMW dealer

The road from Jaspar to Banff in Alberta is called the Icefields Highway. It winds along the continental divide and some of the most stunning icefields in the world. Every couple miles I wanted to pull over and take photos. But the bike and its poor running condition continued to irk me and my journey along this spectacular landscape was perhaps quicker than I’d like.
No matter what, it’s impossible to drive fast down this winding mountain road that links Canada’s most amazing national parks: Jaspar, Banff and Lake Louise. I’m tired and anxious to get moving. This time I’ll let the photos tell the story.

Jaspar, AB to Cranbrook, BC 8-22-05
Moving Average: 55 mph
Maximum Speed: 80.5 mph
Moving Time: 5:52:06
Total Miles: 322.6

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