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Around The World On A Motorcycle | The Journey Continues

Journeys Webcast #11 | The Future Of Travel & Where Tourism Has Spun Out Of Control | Rudy Maxa

What does travel look like in a post-pandemic world? Has tourism spun out of control with selfie-obsessed Instagramers and pop-culture-driven destination travel? LEgendary & Emmy Award-winning travel host and producer Rudy Maxa wrestles and ruminates about possibilities and the future of travel. Please subscribe to the WorldRider.tv YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/wrytcs1 Meet Rudy Maxa the original […]

Journeys Webcast #10 | From Minister of Defense…Chief of Staff…Governor to Winemaker | Andro Barnovi

Kidnapped By The Wine Gods In The Land Where Winemaking Began​​​​​​​ A Journey From Government & Higher Education To Vineyards and Winemaking All Celebrating Georgia’s wine history and heritage.  Please subscribe to the WorldRider.tv YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/wrytcs1 Meet Andro Barnovi, One of the most recognized political figures in Georgia. Mr. Andro Barnovi is a founder […]

Journeys Webcast #9 |A Greek Love Story—From A Tiny Village To The Best Wine Bar in Greece | Panos Kyriazis

He Followed His Dream & The Passion of a Woman To Celebrate The Best In Greek Food & Wine Meet Panos Kyriazis An Athens Restaurateur, Entrepreneur, and Sommelier—Plus Travel Tips On The Greece Most People Don’t Know About Please subscribe to the WorldRider.tv YouTube channel http://bit.ly/wrytcs1 This is a replay of the ninth JOURNEYS Webcast—Adventure […]

Change Is Vital I Support The The Movement To End Injustice & Racism

I shouldn’t even have to say this. I love people. All people. I’ve traveled the world meeting people. 100,000’s of miles, overland. More than 80 countries. And I find it all the time. I don’t even need to look. The truth. The truth is, people are people. We’re all the same. We’re human after all. […]

Journeys Webcast #8 | The Kindness Activist—From Uninspired To Adventurer & TV Host | Leon Logothetis

Meet Leon Logothetis—Host & Producer of the Netflix Series “The Kindness Diaries” Please subscribe to the WorldRider.tv YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/wrytcs1 From An Uninspired & Disconnected Stockbroker to Global Adventurer, TV Host, Kindness Activist, Philanthropist & Bestselling Author | Our guest on the 8th Episode of the Journeys Webcast, originally live-streamed during the height of the […]

Journeys Webcast # 7 | From Germany to Romania—They Thought He Was Crazy | Oliver Bauer

One Man’s Journey From Germany to Romania ​​​​​​​A Story Of Finding Opportunity & Possibilities In The Most Challenging Situations He gave up his life and future in Germany to move to Romania and help revive and revitalize a Royal Estate & Winery. Oliver Bauer never turned back. Register for future Livestream Journeys Webcasts for free […]

Journeys Webcast #6 | Emmy-Winning TV Host/Producer & Croatia Singing Star Ashley Colburn

From Emmy Award-winning Travel Show To Croatian Singing Star. This is a replay of the sixth JOURNEYS Webcast—Adventure & Discovery In The Time of Corona, originally Livestreamed on May 18, 2020, with our special guest the two-time Emmy award-winning television producer, Ashley Colburn. Ashley’s work includes “Wow Croatia!”, “Wonders of Europe,” “Wonders of Asia,” and […]

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