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Podcast #25: George Walther: Voodoo, Smiles & Live In A Different Country Every Year

The WorldRider Podcasts continues to evolve and attract new and interesting guests. I’m honored for this opportunity to sit down and share with you this interview with my friend George Walther. George flew in for a few days from Cape Town, South Africa where he is currently living. George is a fellow speaker, world traveler […]

Clean up FORKS Tour VAN

Doing Dallas: Food & Travel

Arriving in Dallas road worn and with the Chicago salt slowly eating away and making for an unsightly FORKS Tour Van, it needed a good cleaning before facing the Dallas Fire Marshal and attendees of the Dallas Travel & Adventure Show. Slightly smaller than the show in Chicago, in Dallas I had more time to […]

Rotate & Balance

Southbound: Chicago to Memphis

Not much to report as traveling via interstate is mind-numbing and brain-dumbing, but when chasing time, it’s the best option. Yet, as I’m fond of noting, it’s always about “the places in between.” So when relegated to the traveling and following the white line tarmac—I make the time to stop, breathe and check in with […]

FORKS & Doc Get A Booth In Chicago

Travel Shows: Windy City Chicago

For those of you who haven’t followed, I’m currently “on tour” speaking and cooking up delectables at the national Travel & Adventure Shows. The FORKS Tour Van made the trek from San Diego to Chicago and at a stop in Springfield, Missouri, it got hit with a mild battering of snow—hardly the dumping that happened […]

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