My One-Eyed Look At Arusha And Next Steps

Sitting at the foot of picturesque Mount Meru and at about 4,200 feet in altitude, Arusha is a welcome break from the heat and humidity of Dar es Salaam. It’s perhaps one of the most developed of Tanzania’s towns due to its proximity to the great parks of Serengeti and Ngorogoro and the towering Mount […]

Tangled Up In Tanga

Sadly I had to bid farewell to my new friends from Dar es Salaam, but Northwestern Tanzania and Kenya are calling my name. With a new tire, replacement phone and a strategic plan to see the coast of Kenya, the great parks of Tanzania and onward nothing else could go wrong. Or could it? Have […]

Tire(d) of Bad Luck.

Lately I’ve been cursed with bad luck. Though it’d be unfair to dwell on the negative when Africa, its people, landscapes and intoxicating environment has blessed me with unforgettable friendships and experiences. Those who know me will attest to my glass half-full attitude — regardless of the situation. In Dar es Salaam I’ve been fortunate […]

President of the World In Tanzania

Here in Tanzania, I ran into something completely unexpected: a welcome party for President George W. Bush. Elsewhere he may be one of the most unpopular political leaders in the world, but in Tanzania, George Bush has been welcomed as “the president of the world.” I’ve spent most of the past two years riding around […]

The Tropical Side of Zanzibar

Who isn’t lured by the notion of palm-lined sandy white beaches, turqoise blue waters, coral reefs teeming with fish and postcard perfect sunsets and sunrises? Throw in traditional fisherman mending nets, tending to exotic dhow sailboats and beachside restaurants with thatched canopies and bikini clad beauties sipping colorful drinks adorned with bamboo umbrellas. True, this […]

The Beaches and Blues of Zanzibar

With my exploration of the dirty, sometimes smelly and always interesting alleys and corridors of Zanzibar’s Stone Town behind me I set out to the northern tip of the island in search of turquoise colored water suitable to swim and snorkel. Just outside the market area near the Dalla Dalla “bus” stop I found Hijja, […]

Zanzibar and Historic Stone Town

Zanzibar. Just the name conjures up images of east meeting west, spice, adventurer explorers and tropical paradise. Just a scant few miles off the coast of Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar is actually part of a small archipelago that includes Pemba and several smaller islands stretching out to the Indian Ocean. Sitting somewhat in the middle […]

Chilling In Dar es Salaam Lamenting Africa’s Opportunities

Dar es Salaam hugs the Indian Ocean and is the largest and most important city in Tanzania. Rolling into the biggest city in Tanzania is not unlike entering any large city. And knowing someone ahead of a time can save time and plenty of headaches. Steve & Klaus’s place sits on a large plot about […]

The African Continent Successfully Crossed.

After fussing about and trying to find starter pack SIM cards for our telephones, Ronnie and I headed toward Dar es Salaam. It’d be another long day but we’d be treated to a great road to ride passing through two or three national parks until resting our bodies at the busiest city in Tanzania – […]

How Wet And Late Can It Get?

I sit in the MR Hotel in downtown Iringa in the Republic of Tanzania. After thirteen hours of riding, the last two and a half in the dark and rain, I’m tired, worn and spent. We over shot the turn off to the center of town twice, finally climbing the hill to this cold nondescript […]