Check back soon….

Check back soon….

Early Oaxaca

While the arts, crafts and festivities surrounding Dias de los Muertos were certainly drawing cards for me to visit this part of Mexico, I was also eager to experience history well before the Spanish colonial period, Anxious to continue my tour of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, I set my sites on one just outside of […]

Let It Rain

The ride to Oaxaca was fantastic. Through desert valleys and massive plants of agave and other cactus species. But by the time we we rode closer to Oaxaca the dark and brooding clouds were familiar. And the chill in the air offered another hint. It was just a matter of time until the sky opened […]

Taxing Times in Taxco

The 130 mile ride to Taxco was uneventful except for the fact we got blasted by quite a bit of rain. But shortly after we climb the mountains of Michoacan state past endless fields of flowers with giant volcanons gracing the horizon. We then up to chilling temperatures as we reached 10,000 feet elevation. As […]

Confederacy of the Night Riding Dunces and More Mexican Hospitality

The ride to San Miguel de Allende took a little over an hour. Anyone visiting Guanajuato must take a spin through this smaller colonial village. Though its reputation perhaps has been tainted by the plethora of ex-pats and Americans who’ve decided to make it home. As such, prices are slightly higher for just about everything. […]

Mexican Independence In Guanajuato

It’s no wonder UNESCO labeled Guanajuato’s historical city center a World Heritage Site. This place is bleeding history, architecture and art. Top that off with a world-reknowned university and warm and friendly residents, Guanajuato is MUST see for anyone visiting Mexico. Forget the Americanized resorts of Cancun, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas, head for the […]

Quixotic Episodes in Guanajuato

Time is either my enemy or my friend. To successfully complete a journey such as I’ve set out takes both patience and diligence. After nearly a month in Mexico, I feel I’m not getting anywhere. Yet one could spend an entire year here and not truly get a taste of its rich diversity of people, […]

Zipping Through The Time Tunnels of Guanajuato

I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the entrance I made into Guanajuato this afternoon. My expectations about this great Spanish-colonial city were set high. As I negotiated the turns, intersections, topes (speed bumps) and traffic lights into the city my eyes roamed the hills, the roads and the people. Where was the […]

Heat of the Day Too Much For J.J. and El Viento

The extra day in Zacatecas meant we’d blow off a night in San Luis Potosi in lieu for a longer ride to perhaps the richest colonial city in the region, Guanajuato. With a head start on our packing and the sun still low in the sky we made the break out of Zacatecas and headed […]