When Your Knees Grow Weak.

Three months ago today I arrived back in California and had surgery on my leg. So it’s fitting that I chime in here with another WorldRider update. While a couple weeks have passed since my last post, here’s what’s going on with my healing and therapy on my once broken leg. In short, I know […]

Lessons of Insurance.

Insurance can be a rather dull topic to discuss. Frankly, so is health care. While I believe that we that live in the US have arguably some of the best health care in the world, it isn’t cheap and usually isn’t available to just anyone. That is, health are is available, but like most things […]

Other Motorcyclists Riding The World – Update

As you can imagine, it’s hard for me to sit still while following those friends I’ve met on the road or over e-mail during my seventh month sojourn around the world – currently in intermission while my my leg and I regain our strength and composure. So while I can’t entertain you with more of […]