Quit Your Job & Travel. What drives the traveler’s passion? – PodCast $17

What implores someone to quit their job and take time to see the world? Allan Karl while on his solo motorcycle journey meets and discusses the passions of travel with new friends he meets on the road. Meet a new cast of characters as this WorldRider journey of adventure and discovery continues.. Uyuni, Bolivia – […]

The Night Train & Thanksgiving Pizza – PodCast #16

With his bike running again, Allan boards the night train for Uyuni, Bolivia. Wandering the streets of this dusty outpost on the fringe of the largest and highest salt flat in the world, he runs into three other motorcyclists — including his past riding partner, Jeremiah. At the famed Minuteman Pizza restaurant in the Totoni […]

Chile: Road Tested and Listening To The Wind.

So stunned by the scenery, I forgot about the wind — and the road. Volcanoes thrust the landscape all around me. The vast white salt desert and oddly shaped mountains painted yet another unworldly panorama. Less than an hour ago I passed through the Chilean border and thus finally broke out of Bolivia. But what […]

Old Friends. And Finally — The Salar de Uyuni.

As the sun sets behind the Andes, silhouetting a perfectly shaped volcano, Andy and I crack open a couple of cans of Pacena—the Bolivian beer from La Paz—and contemplate the scenery. The nearly full and brilliant silver moon casts an impressive amount of light which reflects upon the vast expansiveness of the largest salt flat […]

To Tour By Jeep or Moto: This Is The Question.

The central plaza in Uyuni is a pedestrian walkway spanning two blocks in the center of town. The roads are dirt or cobblestone pavers and tour agencies and restaurants touting pizza and pasta line most of the plaza. One café blasts gringo music of The Doors, Bob Marley and others while withered backpackers down cerveza’s […]

Oruro to Uyuni – Taking The Night Train.

Arriving in Uyuni at 3am with a motorcycle and more than a few handfuls of luggage was slightly problematic for me. First, while all the backpackers aboard the train claimed their luggage from the concrete platform at the Uyuni station, I had to wait for Doc to be unloaded from the cargo car. I had […]

More Bad Luck… All Aboard!

The fist time I came through Oruro the experience was miserable. With no signage nor orientation from the main road to La Paz, we found ourselves running circles trying to find something to eat. Then we get hammered by the most fierce hail storm I’d ever experienced. The food we did find was miserable and […]

Commotion in Cochabamba. Keep On Truckin’

Traveling to Oruro, Bolivia by truck, Allan Karl along with his BMW Motorcycle (Doc) try to make time while his ankle and knee mend. His driver Miguel and the owner of the truck confront difficulties in Cochabamba where protesters of have blocked the main highway. Listen to the commotion as Allan tries to get to […]

In Oruro, and in life, everything is possible.

Miguel was backing the Volvo out of the garage — which was simply a dirt yard securely fenced in and packed with trucks. As I climbed into the cab I almost plopped on top of another gentleman who occupied the seat that I had grown accustomed to for about 15 hours yesterday. I climbed over […]

Movin’ On. Livin’ the trucker’s life.

With blue skies, extremely hot and humid weather, I took my last therapy dip into the pool at Gran Hotel Santa Cruz. Walking about twenty minutes back and forth in the shallow end then a few full brisk laps all in effort to keep the ankle joint moving without putting too much stress on it. […]