With Kansas Behind Me, I’m Really Coming Home

As I winded my way across Kansas I knew I’d be kissing the great plains good bye and would soon be climbing the steppes to the Rockies. Decisions must be made. As winter sneaks upon this part of the country I wonder where should I cross the continental divide. Have the Aspens begun their transformation? […]

Best Marketed Signs On The Back Roads of America

I’m fascinated, if not obsessed with the stuff that litters the backroads of America. Dotted with the small business endeavors of the “every” man or woman hoping to realize the American dream, I found an amazing array of visible roadside tactics intended to attract customers and differentiate. From banners to balloons to barns as billboards […]

Crossing Kansas – Birds, Wheat, Sunflowers & A Toilet Seat.

Perhaps ever since Judy Garland, in her most memorable role, confided in her dog, Toto, her revelation that she was no longer in Kansas, the state has been the brunt of many jokes. Most, I’m sure, in good taste. Yet those off-color likely often mouthed by people who either whipped through the state across the […]