Kabaj Morel Winery & Guesthouse—A Natural Approach To Wine & Hospitality

After a simple breakfast of fruit, fresh muffins, and homemade bread and jams, Tomaz fro Scurek picks me up and takes me to one of the steep vineyards where today his brother and crew and full-throttle into the harvest. Afterward, he brings me back to my bike, and I return to the Kabaj Guesthouse where […]

Sure as Ščurek, Slovenian Wine Exceeds Expectations

As I make my way to the Ščurek family estate, I pass acres of vineyards owned by Kabaj, and then round a corner passing the local cooperative. I then ride through the tiny village of Medana until I wind down a hill and park. It’s a modern facility, and though I hear voices and activity, […]

Am I In Italy Or Slovenia? Can Anyone Tell?

I’m good with directions, orientation, and geography. While I’m just about a thirty-five-minute ride from Moto Servis Tomi and Guesthouse Kabaj, I think I’m lost. Just moments ago I passed a sign reading “Welcome to Italy.” Wait. I am in Slovenia. At least I thought so. I tend to question the GPS when it makes […]

Biking The Balkans Means More Motorcycle Maintenance

It’s after dark when I leave Gostilna Pecaric, but it’s a short ride to Guesthouse Bajc where Jure arranged accommodations. I take my things to a modest and comfortable room on the second floor before taking a seat in the restaurant downstairs. Instead of ordering from a menu, the waiter tells me what’s tasty and […]

Welcome To Slovenia—And My Changing Priorities

With the traffic, steep hills, and snaking streets my bike continues to overheat as I try to get out of Italy. I ride for a few moments, then the temperature light glares at me. I pull over, let Doc cool down and motor again. Rinse and repeat. It’s frustrating.  So before I can indulge in […]

Heating It Up In Italy

After a cup of coffee and a few slices of cheese and toast, I pack up Doc and ride north. Climbing out of the small basin where the Port of Rijeka sits and I head north, glancing at the islands across the bay and beyond to the Istria Peninsula. Known for its truffles, crisp white […]