Buenos Aires to Chile. More World Travelers & The World of Wine.

Buenos Aires. It’s hard to leave. But there’s more of this continent to check out while friends have taken the time to visit me. City cruising to Dakar Motos – Buenos Aires, Argentina. While Fernando has been gracious to let me park Doc at his secure apartment, it’s time I move Doc to the legendary […]

Accident In Tierra del Fuego. New Friends at Borders.

My Tierra del Fuego. From a logistical point of view visiting Tierra del Fuego on a motorcycle requires patience, a good attitude and a little bit of time. Virtually the only way to get on the island is to pass through Chile. So this means over the period of any stay one must cross the […]

There Are No Coincidences. Are there? Hello Ushuaia!

Wild Guanaco’s grazing the pampas of Tierra del Fuego with the ominous mountains rimming the horizon. Tierra del Fuego. I lost count how many times I said this phrase when answering the questions of where I was headed. Land of Fire. Magellan named it as such because of the plumes of smoke and flames that […]

The Straits of Magellan. Just Another Movie Scene?

I prepared for the worst possible situation for the crossing on the notorious Straits of Magellan. Horror stories of massive swells tossing the ferry around like a toy while passengers toss their morning breakfast overboard. I had my tie downs easily accessible and placed an anti-seasickness patch behind my ear. The last time I can […]

Hail The Wind. Onward to the bottom of the world.

The fresh air. Vast open spaces. Golden pampas. Limitless horizon. And perhaps the most fantastic rugged mountains in South America. This is Patagonia. Centuries ago as European adventurers explored new lands tales spread of enormous indigenous people from the southern tip of South America. The stories propagated as explorers including Magellan, Sir Francis Drake and […]

Every Way The Wind Blows In Torres del Paine

It turns out that a my relatively wind-free day yesterday climbing to the mirador was yet another good fortune bestowed upon me and my fellow trekkers. After a quick breakfast of mediocre coffee and overcooked bread, I trekked out to the parking lot to tie my dry bag down and head to Lago Pehoé to […]

Wow! Torres del Paine – Chile

End of the day in Torres del Paine, Parque Nacional Chile. There is so much to see in Torres del Paine. Most serious travelers coming to this magic place straddling the Chilean/Argenintean border in the Andes will trek the “Circuit”. This involves either a 3 or 7 day hike through the valleys, mountains and lakes […]

It’s A Small World. Onward to the granite towers of Paine!

I spent the better part of the morning using the wireless at my favorite coffee shop/confiteria here in El Calafate. So the plan of an early start simply meant an early start catching up on the e-mail and blog while throwing in some photo editing. It’s getting tougher to keep this blog up to date. […]

Puerta Veras to San Carlos de la Bariloce

The winds of change didn’t blow my way last night as this morning I woke to more rain. I had to get away from this lake and its magnetism for moisture. I packed my gear in a slow drizzle and headed North. In Osorno I would head east toward Entre Lagos and then over the […]

Rain Rituals in Southern Chile

My hopes to rise this morning to the massive volcano and tamed reflection rippling in the lake were lost as the obscuring clouds that prevented my views yesterday turned out to be my nemesis today. The tiny hospedaje served me perhaps the best breakfast I’ve had in South America. Steaming quiche with vegetables, cheese, sliced […]