It Shouldn’t Start This Way

The Dakar Test Weighs Heavy on Darkcyd Team As I boarded my plane in San Diego, I knew there was a shadow of a doubt that ship carrying the Desert Warrior and the T5 assistance vehicle might not make it on time, factoring the time it takes to clear customs and the team’s need to […]

First Day Woes For Darkcyd Racing: Rill Discusses

Darkcyd Owner and Driver Robb Rill discusses problems with the teams entry into the 2012 Edition of the legendayr Dakar Rally Raid Race in South America

En Route & Arriving In Buenos Aires

12/27/2011 5:48PM: Update From Dallas/Fort Worth Airport This is just a quick note as I wait to board my plane to Buenos Airew. I heard from Rob and it appears that the shipping company has let us know that customs will have the car cleared in time. But yet this is South America and Argentina […]

Dakar: The Race Is On For Darkcyd Racing

While most of the country is recovering from the recent holiday, flocking to the malls for returns and sales or simply enjoying the last days of the year with family and loved ones, Robb & Tara Rill and the entire Darkcyd Rally Racing team are busy making final preparations for their flights to Buenos Aires, […]

Doing Dakar: Spectator, Team Member & Media

I had a terrific opportunity to join my friend Robb as he finally pulled the trigger and decide to make his dream come true: to compete and finish the most grueling motorsport raced in the world: Dakar. Through the support or Robb, The Strategic Group and Darkcyd Racing I will attend the infamous Dakar Rally […]

Around The World Alone — On A Bicycle.

Ok. So you know I traveled around the world for three years alone—on a motorcycle. And I really didn’t see everything. There are still plenty of places waiting for my visit. Or at least I’d like to think so. Truth is, there are a lot of places I’m waiting to visit. But that’s besides the […]


Last week I was discussing an upcoming speaking engagement with a client when the topic transitioned to my presentation and how I could help my client with my speech to my real-life experiences on the road. The topic quickly folded into a subject that most people I speak with tend to share the same curiosity. […]

SoCal Presentation Thursday May 19 BMW Motorcycles of Ventura County

While I’ve been working and hanging out in Southern California, I am excited for two reasons. First, I’m pleased that my adventure motorcyclist friend, Daniel Robla from Argentina is visiting me for a few days here in California. It’s been nearly four years since I last saw him in Argenina in Buenos Aires. We traveled […]

Darkcyd Racing: The Dakar 2012 Edition-Woes Threaten Team Start

Darkcyd Owner and Driver Robb Rill discusses problems with the teams entry into the 2012 Edition of the legendayr Dakar Rally Raid Race in South America

The Bureaucracy of Shipping: Redux

Let’s Go To Africa. Fortunately I arrived in Buenos Aires several days before my motorcycle, because finding my motorcycle turned out to tougher than finding the truth about Tango. You see Variglog, the company I shipped from Brazil, had no phone number listing in Buenos Aires or at the Airport, and calling the office in […]