Wild Ass: The Only Seat Cushion For Long Distance, Long Term Travel

For many years I used AirHawk Seat Cushions, long the gold-standard for comfort on long-distance motorcycle journeys. However, after the founders sold the comapny a few years ago, the new owners started taking short cuts. Quality was down, manufacturing defects were high, and support non-existent.

Thankfully, I found Craig and Wild Ass. In so many ways Wild Ass Seat Cushions are where the next-generation AirHawks would have gone had they founders still managed the company. They’re better.

Key to the technology behind Wild Ass is the modular design using a matrix of “air cells” where there is constant movement of air from one cell to the other. This not only reduces numbness, it also drastically reduces fatigue. This means comfort for long rides.

I use the top end Wild Ass Smart Classic seat cushion. This is made from medical grade neoprene rubber which ensures durabiilty and longevity. Wild Ass offers less expensive models with polyurethane and a mid-priced solution that combines gel pads with polyurethane. If you haven’t tried a Wild Ass Seat Cushion and you ride anywhere longer than an hour or two, you need one.

I won’t ride without my Wild Ass.